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Utility in a sentence

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Synonym: public utilitypublic utility companypublic-service corporationservice programsubstituteusefulnessutility programutilityutility-gradeSimilar words: utilizeabilityfacilitystabilityliabilitycapabilitydisabilitycredibilityMeaning: [juː'tɪlətɪ]  n. 1. a company that performs a public service; subject to government regulation 2. the quality of being of practical use 3. the service (electric power or water or transportation) provided by a public utility 4. (economics) a measure that is to be maximized in any situation involving choice 5. (computer science) a program designed for general support of the processes of a computer 6. a facility composed of one or more pieces of equipment connected to or part of a structure and designed to provide a service such as heat or electricity or water or sewage disposal. adj. 1. used of beef; usable but inferior 2. capable of substituting in any of several positions on a team. 
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1. He argued that the arts have great social utility.
2. A number of domestic animals have some utility for man while they are alive.
3. He inwardly questioned the utility of his work.
4. This computer is of low utility for the home user.
5. Even the survey's most rabid critics acknowledge the utility of this kind of data.
6. The privatized utility companies may be faced with a windfall tax on the profits of the last few years.
7. This information is of the highest utility to a historian.
8. It's a simple shareware utility that allows you to print signs and banners.
9. Joseph Stalin gave an accurate assessment of the utility of nuclear weapons.
10. Belief in the utility of higher education is shared by students nationwide.
11. A fur coat has more utility in winter than in autumn.
12. Tenants who skip out on utility bills are the focus of a new law.
13. Pork carcasses adjudged unacceptable are graded U. S. Utility.
14. This can not be justified on grounds of utility.
15. Type: Front-engine, four-wheel drive, nine-passenger, full-size sport utility.
16. Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three - and paradise is when you have none. Doug Larson 
17. But, the base had much less utility than the larger base built by the Marines at Camp Pendleton.
18. Investments in electric utility stocks were down to 16. 2 percent in December from 21. 2 percent the year earlier.
19. The campaign for a deregulated electric utility industry, like a balloon, is filled with a lot of hot air.
20. Student loans, utility rates and the tax man got you feeling like a one-person debtor nation?
21. Newly added is the software conversion utility to the Unix world.
22. Other conservative buys include real estate investment trusts, utility stocks and tax-free municipal bonds.
23. A separate utility room nearby houses all the noisy domestic appliances.
24. Fortunately, many of the considerations applicable to smaller utility boilers are directly applicable to large industrial boilers.
25. The utility takes 22K and crashed our test system on several occasions.
26. The utility of the new revenue as well as its potential for conflict hinged on the strings attached to its use.
27. Heavy buying of utility and property issues led the surge.
28. But as recipes for body-building[sentencedict .com], they have a distinct Utility Function.
29. Limited cooking and food storage facilities are, however, available in the utility rooms on each floor.
30. With a small grim smile of satisfaction, he went back to the utility room and looked at the power switches.
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