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Undetermined in a sentence

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Sentence count:45Posted:2017-03-08Updated:2017-03-08
Similar words: determineddeterminepredetermineindeterminatedeterminingunderminedeterminativedeterminationMeaning: adj. 1. not yet having been ascertained or determined 2. not precisely determined or established; not fixed or known in advance 3. not brought to a conclusion; subject to further thought. 
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1, A source close to Clinton said that an undetermined portion of the proceeds will go to charity.
2, In China, the nature of lessees' preemptive right has changed from the the stage of "property right" to the stage of "undetermined nature" and then to "obligatory right".
3, By the method of undetermined coefficient, a solution method for certain inhomogeneous differential equations with constant coefficients is given.
4, This will divvent holding up system resources an undetermined length of time.
5, The undetermined coefficient of the model is selected by using the orthogonal optimum seeking method, thereby the quantitative relation of the model is determined.
6, In this paper, using the Lagrange undetermined multiplier method and retaining the dependent coordinates, we derive Appell's equations for a nonholonomic system.
7, The method of undetermined coefficients is the general method of solving a linear differential equation with constant coefficients of the second order.
8, Pop smear taken showed atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS).
9, Such wide and undetermined prospects are as pleasing to the fancy, as the speculations of eternity or infinitude are to the understanding.
10, The other 27 cases undetermined due to insufficient data.
11, Undetermined coefficient method and its proof for non homogeneous linear ordinary difference equations are systematically given.
12, Ironically, today's scofflaw spirit, whatever its undetermined origins, is being encouraged unwittingly by government at many levels.
13, These should be four undetermined constants in the displacement function.
14, Achieving the goal of absolute purity would cost an additional huge but undetermined sum.
15, This does not mean merely that correctness of translation is undetermined by all the possible data.
16, In its present state of suspended animation, however,[] H-4 may look forward to a well-preserved life of undetermined longevity.
17, As a result, the terms of reference will be sold beginning at an undetermined date no later than April 1.
18, The company had previously announced it would take an undetermined charge for the merger with Meadox, completed in the fourth quarter.
19, Objective To investigate histological distribution of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance(ASCUS) in cervix diagnosed by using thin prep cytologic test(TPCT).
20, The attachment could not be sent due to an undetermined error.
21, In general, special solution of non-homogeneous linear equation of constant coefficient of the second order is obtained by the method of undetermined coefficient, but it's process is too complicated.
22, Based on definitions and propositions and examples, it is first proposed the method of undetermined coefficients for normal quadratic curve equations.
23, The oxygen transfer theory cannot be used to predict the reaeration coefficient in rivers due to some undetermined parameters.
24, This was also true in comparison with patients with monoclonal gammopathies of undetermined significance.
25, Taking one-dimensional diffusing equation as the object of study, a method of undetermined coefficients was given. Then gave two examples and analyzed their stability and truncation error.
26, The extremal formula of binary quadratic functions is studied by using method of undetermined coefficients, substitution method and method of completing the square.
27, The test channel compression circuit consists of N circuits to be compressed, register chain control circuit with linear feedback and correction circuit with undetermined places.
28, Scully: It'says here that the cause of death was undetermined.
29, It can be structured by interpolation or be got by method of undetermined coefficients.
30, Objective: To evaluate the application of computer cytological test(CCT) on the cases of atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS).
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