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Termite in a sentence

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Sentence count:48Posted:2017-02-23Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: white antSimilar words: intermitintermittentpermithermitagebuttermilkdeterminedeterminedterminationMeaning: ['tɜrmaɪt /'tɜː-]  n. whitish soft-bodied ant-like social insect that feeds on wood. 
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(1) The termite inspector can point out some problem areas.
(2) All over the tropics stand termite hills.
(3) For a termite, home is a fallen log.
(4) In the simple case of Tommy Termite, financial statements will be prepared directly from the general ledger accounts.
(5) The bellicose termite belongs to a group that uses a different digestive method.
(6) It will then learn to poke sticks in termite mounds when it is hungry.
(7) Termite damage is one of the many bugaboos of owning a house.
(8) To 1 % imidaclorprid powder , the termite had first toxicant transmitting ability ,( but nearly not to 0.25 % imidaclorprid powder.
(9) Termite often destroys wood.
(10) Macrotermes barneyi Light is a major termite in Anhui, infesting forest trees and reservoir dame.
(11) He brought a termite into the O . R . And spat on a surgeon.
(12) Other hive worlds are poisoned wildernesses punctuated by rearing plasteel termite mounds, vertical cities that punch through the clouds.
(13) It is on the underside of this plate that the bellicose termite constructs its most spectacular architectural invention.
(14) Said to be one of the safest houses in the world; fire, flood, termite resistant, and aesthetically repellant—the spiny roof and bug-eyed windows are sure to keep burglars out!
(15) Century House use galvanized steel material which is anti- corruptive and is termite resistant. So service term of the housing can be extended and maintenance cost cut.
(16) Combined with spraying, the basic period of time can bid farewell to termite infestations.
(17) The cable has the characteristic withstanding water, oil, sunshine , mice and termite.
(18) To explore damage of kidney function in workers exposed termite control drugs Chlordane and arsenic compound.
(19) The company was established in 1979, formerly of the State and County termite control.
(20) Fifty years ago, a slender young Englishwoman was walking through a rainforest reserve at Gombe, in Tanzania, when she came across a dark figure hunched over a termite nest.
(21) As the forces prepared to march, a missive from a general in the bedbug army arrived via termite courier at the castle gates.
(22) It is resistant to fire and water and free from corrosion, termite attack and rotting.
(23) This paper summarizes the secretor, species specificity, biological significance, biosynthetic pathway and application in termite control of the phagostimulating pheromone in termites.
(24) The chemical composition of the essential oil of orientalis and its resistance to termite were studied.
(25) Within minutes we left the last human developments behind us, and we rolled for hours that first evening past desert scrub of acacia and gum trees and comically steepled termite hills.
(26) However, in these two test sites, both ACQ-D treated Mongolian Scots pine and Chinese fir displayed excellent decay and termite resistance performance after HC post-treatment.
(27) The first was too worm - like, looking like a bloated queen termite.
(28) Bamboo charcoal floor: shop after adjusting room humidity, charcoal termite invasion, insect-resistant moth-proofing avoid, moistureproof, very beneficial to the body and the environment.
(29) Mick Pearce , a Zimbabwean architect living in Melbourne, has been inspired by the humble termite.
(30) Objective To test the susceptibility of Reticulitermes flaviceps and Coptotermes formosanus workers to ivermectin so as to provide basic information for termite control using ivermectin.
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