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Vermin in a sentence

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Synonym: varmintSimilar words: never mindundermineterminologicalpermitpermissionintermittentoverwhelmingover and overMeaning: ['vɜrmɪn /'vɜː-]  n. 1. an irritating or obnoxious person 2. any of various small animals or insects that are pests; e.g. cockroaches or rats. 
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(1) The beds were filthy and full of vermin.
(2) They fumigated the room to kill the vermin.
(3) Foxes were traditionally regarded as vermin.
(4) Farmers regard foxes as vermin.
(5) The room was crawling with vermin.
(6) He thought all terrorists were vermin and that prison was too good for them.
(7) On farms the fox is considered vermin and treated as such.
(8) Foxes are considered vermin.
(9) Where great, wild creatures ranged, the vermin prosper.
(10) Also invoked against leg disorders and vermin.
(11) Down on your knees,( you godless vermin!
(12) Vermin like that should never be allowed near children.
(13) Vermin, he called them, when she protested at killing a sitting bird.
(14) They were the aborigines, vermin by right of law.
(15) Vermin don't have to exterminate themselves.
(16) This dogsbody to rid of vermin.
(17) Filth breeds disease and vermin.
(18) Boys in the village have probably been shooting vermin.
(19) These vermin have noses like bloodhounds.
(20) Flies, lice, rats[], foxes and cockroaches can all be described as vermin.
(21) Some communicable diseases are transmitted only through the agency of vermin or insects.
(22) Landscaping A purpose-built dust box protects operator health and keeps vermin levels down.
(23) The Apache women rubbing skins and grinding corn, their hair greasy and full of vermin.
(24) The hut was sweltering with smoke and steam and everybody scratched as vermin crept and bit under their clothes.
(25) Householders and shop owners in the town have been put on standby because of the influx of vermin.
(26) These should be put on a properly raised bird table out of reach of vermin which are dangerous disease carriers.
(27) The driver tried to quieten the horses as two screeching cats, fighting over some vermin, scurried out of the shadows.
(28) The huntsmen believe they're doing a necessary job, culling vermin quickly and efficiently.
(29) Much of our forefathers'blood was shed, to exterminate these vermin.
(30) They are everyday dying and rotting by cold and famine, and filth and vermin.
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