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Translator in a sentence

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Sentence count:158+3 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-04-05Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: translatetranslationtranslucenttranslucencelegislatormanslaughtertransitdilatoryMeaning: [trænz'leɪtə(r) ,-s- /trænz'leɪtə ,'trænz- ,-s-]  n. 1. a person who translates written messages from one language to another 2. someone who mediates between speakers of different languages 3. a program that translates one programming language into another. 
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1. The author discovered that the translator had foisted several passages into his book.
2. This text presents many pitfalls for the translator.
3. She works as a translator of technical texts.
4. The translator has done a good job of rendering this difficult poem into his native language.
5. The translator has obviously adhered very strictly to the original text.
6. I think the translator missed some of the subtleties of the original.
7. To work as a translator, you need fluency in at least one foreign language.
8. Tomita is a highly competent translator.
9. A year later, it focused on the language translator.
10. A volunteer translator would be particularly welcome.
11. She worked in Geneva as a translator.
12. A Bible translator in one of the Andean republics recounted the following story to the author.
13. In London Rixi worked as a translator for the Red Cross, supplementing her income with her winnings at rubber bridge.
14. The publishers are looking for an American translator for his novels.
15. She saw the advertisement for a technical translator in the newspaper.
16. The translator Louis Galantiere, wandering up and down the road in Dorset, calling her name.
17. The company launched a direct VAX-to-Alpha binary translator last November and has been shipping an R-series-to-Alpha translator for the last three months.
18. In this case, the translator may decide to encode the relevant information lexically, as in the following examples.
19. Speaking through a translator, Li told of his early life.
20. He was placed in Xin Hua News Agency as a translator.
21. We will have to engage the services of a translator.
22. Her love of languages inclined her towards a career as a translator.
23. His love of languages inclined him towards a career as a translator.
24. Similarly(, there will be a variant of the 68000 family translator tweaked to make use of the Macintosh file system.
25. The stories about her render her variously as victim, betrayer, seducer, and translator.
26. Freud examines around 250 dreams with a verbal skill and humour which, the translator says, have given her delight.
27. She didn't want to be tied down by a full-time job, so she decided to become a free-lance translator.
28. It came as no surprise to find that the local translator in Sochi had muddled up the names.
29. After obtaining her degree, she decided against teaching, opting instead for a career as a freelance translator.
30. He had a good ear for language, and was a talented scholar, translator, and lyric poet.
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