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Transmute in a sentence

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Sentence count:25+2 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: metamorphosetransformtransubstantiateSimilar words: transmutationtransmittransmittedtransmittingtransmissiontransittransformtransfuseMeaning: [trænz'mjuːt ,-s-]  v. 1. alter the nature of (elements) 2. change in outward structure or looks 3. change or alter in form, appearance, or nature. 
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1) We can transmute water power into electrical power.
2) We can transmute water power into electric power.
3) Medieval alchemists attempted to transmute base metals into gold.
4) It is impossible to transmute base metals into gold.
5) A few centuries ago alchemists thought they could transmute lead into gold.
6) You knew you could transmute it.
7) We can't transmute base metals into gold.
8) Transmute Arcanite no longer has a cooldown.
9) They'll transmute the abundant raw materials into finished products.
10) Matter Rearrangement. You transmute one metal to another.
11) Allow the sun to begin to transmute the patterning and karma.
12) A radioactive atom could transmute itself into an entirely different kind of atom.
13) It is possible to transmute one form of energy into another.
14) It has become Terra's goal to transmute all thought - form of waste as a result.
15) These entities, even while occupying a body, could transmute matter.
16) The Language of Light is designed to transmute the poisons associated with 3000 strands and below.
17) The person has sloth. Will transmute slowly in the good environment, crock up, die. This is very dangerous,( is also the most sorrow.
18) They transmute into something else under only the most mysterious and uncertain conditions.
19) You take what was fear, what was darkness, what was void and transmute it into love.
20) With the right rituals matter could be influenced to transmute into higher forms.
21) In ascension, new vibrations are added that dissolve and transmute the old, which are indeed toxic.
22) Place items here and attempt to combine them with the transmute button.
23) Newton was a serious alchemist, who spent night upon dawn for three decades of his life slaving over a stygian furnace in search of the power to transmute one chemical element into another.
24) According to Xu, a fast reactor can more completely burn or transmute nucleuses and shorten the period of radioactive decay to less than 400 years, which makes it easier to dispose of waste.
25) One of the supreme quests of alchemy is to transmute lead into gold.
More similar words: transmutationtransmittransmittedtransmittingtransmissiontransittransformtransfusetransfertransienttransporttranscendtransposetranslatetransitiontranscripttransiencetransfixedtranscribetransgresstransparenttranslucenttransparencytransactiontransfusiontranslationtransgenderintransigenttransferabletransvestite
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