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Insulator in a sentence

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Synonym: dielectricnonconductorSimilar words: insulateinsulatedpeninsulaconsulateregulatorregulatoryambulatoryspeculatorMeaning: ['ɪnsəleɪtə(r) /'isjʊl-]  n. a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity. 
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1. Few substances can equal fur as an insulator.
2. Wood is an excellent insulator.
3. Fat is an excellent insulator against the cold.
4. It could serve as a heat conductor or insulator, depending on how it was used.
5. The sand serves as natural insulator, and some of the more massive pieces take long to cool.
6. Springy and soft, wool is nature's best insulator.
7. Shellac also happened to be an effective electrical insulator.
8. Insulator should withstand power frequency voltage, switchingvoltage and lightning impulse voltage, shouldn't flashover under pollution.
9. A new method called sensitive insulator method is introduced in detail, which is developed on the basis of the distribution voltage method.
10. Our company mainly produce Post insulator, Pin insulator and Porcelain Bushing.
11. Its first use was as an insulator for high frequency cable (RADAR). Its main use is now for films, for packaging and agriculture.
12. The productuses 4 pairs, Insulation is HDPE insulator, and sheath is PVC.
13. Composite insulator has been widely used in high-voltage electric power transmission system because of its advantages in light weight, anti-pollution flashover and less routine maintenance.
14. Dust acting as a thermal insulator and impeding airflow, thereby reducing heat sink and fan performance.
15. The phylogeny of composite insulator is reviewed in the paper.
16. An insulator is a poor conductor because it has a high resistance to such flow.
17. Still embedded high on a rock is a tangle of telephone wires and a ceramic insulator.
18. Its chemical structure, for example,(Sentencedict) indicated that it should be a good electrical insulator.
19. A dozen suited men were fastening the edges of the insulator to the brace of the frame.
20. Take sulphur hexafluoride, a greenhouse gas used—among other things—as an insulator in some sorts of high-voltage equipment.
21. Triboelectric currents are generated by charges created between a conductor and an insulator due to friction.
22. To ensure operation of transmission line safely, the arcing gap of insulator was developed and installed, and arrester was installed one after another on anchor tower and high tower.
23. This paper elaborates theoretically the corona current characteristics of insulator strings under high voltage application and verifies them by experiment.
24. At absolute zero, a pure semiconductor has all of its electrons tightly bound and acts as an insulator.
25. The results shows severe field distortion at conductor and earthing top of insulator which stress is in more than 10 times higher than at central part due to effect of distributed capacitance of H.
26. When the nucleuses grow into NGH, the resistivity increases due to the NGH acts as an insulator, which decreases the ions connectivity. The resistivity becomes stable after the formation of mass NGH.
27. UltraCMOS mixed-signal process technology is a proprietary, patented variation of silicon-on insulator (SOI) technology on a sapphire substrate providing high yields and competitive costs.
28. Therefore, it has great significance to research DC icing test methods on disk-shaped suspension insulator for study of DC transmission line characteristics of external insulation.
29. A charge-coupled device in which the potential wells are created at the semiconductor insulator interface and the charge is transferred along that interface.
30. A loose mulch acts on the surface as an insulator.
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