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Tenuous in a sentence

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Synonym: flimsyslightthinSimilar words: ingenuouscontinuousattenuatesuperfluoussumptuousassiduousinnocuousambiguousMeaning: ['tenjʊəs]  adj. 1. having little substance or significance 2. having thin consistency 3. very thin in gauge or diameter. 
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1 For now, the band's travel plans are tenuous.
2 He has a rather tenuous grasp of reality.
3 Her hold on power was now quite tenuous.
4 The difference, if it exists, is extremely tenuous.
5 The United Peace Alliance had only a tenuous connection with the organized Labour movement.
6 We were only able to make a tenuous connection between the two robberies.
7 My identity was becoming more and more tenuous.
8 This has such a tenuous physical basis that it can hardly account for the results it is claimed to produce.
9 Once again the tenuous thought that she'd previously failed to grasp hovered like a wraith on the verge of her consciousness.
10 See how indefinite are our shapes, see how tenuous our hold on this world grows?
11 Collectors seem prepared to Hoover them up, however tenuous the connection with the liner.
12 Mars has a very tenuous atmosphere that is so transparent that the surface cools off dramatically at night.
13 These rivals scratched out a tenuous existence through a combination of herding animals and marginal cultivation of the soil.
14 Even the most tenuous thread of story is infinitely better than none at all.
15 They say they have only tenuous evidence Gary might have been involved in drugs.
16 But his links to his government are more tenuous, his loyalties less clear.
17 Shift work added to the tenuous links between incomer men and their Shetlander neighbours.
18 Various parties pursued conflicting objectives, often making tenuous alliances with each other for the sole purpose of expediency.
19 The cultural and historical links between the many provinces were seen to be very tenuous.
20 His links with the organization turned out to be, at best, tenuous.
21 The link between her family and the King's is rather tenuous.
22 The family link with her treasure, she says, is rather tenuous.
23 The open mutiny by the military and police highlights Mr Wahid's tenuous grip on the presidency.
24 Their ability to control and to recover control of a class is more tenuous,( and their reputations are more vulnerable.
25 The organization that flows from the office of shaikh was more tenuous, more negotiable, but crucial to making peaces.
26 Even at ten, I knew that I had become the guardian of her life and she the tenuous sleeper.
27 But then again, the logical link between gun ownership and the sales of gun magazines can hardly be called tenuous.
28 His lordship was attractive enough to give substance to otherwise tenuous connections.
29 The rising sun appeared like a swollen red ball suspended low in the tenuous mist.
30 Despite the valuable service the center provides, officials say funding remains tenuous at best.
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