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Superfluous in a sentence

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Synonym: excessextraotiosepointlessredundantsparesupererogatorysupernumerarysurpluswastedSimilar words: butterflyambiguousinnocuoussumptuousassiduouscontinuoussupercilioussuperMeaning: [suː'pɜrflʊəs /-'pɜː-]  adj. 1. serving no useful purpose; having no excuse for being 2. more than is needed, desired, or required. 
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1. Repack all the superfluous cups in the box.
2. The report was marred by a mass of superfluous detail.
3. My presence at the afternoon's proceedings was superfluous.
4. She fined away superfluous matter in the design.
5. There is no superfluous gadgetry or foldaway, stowaway gimmickry.
6. We're cutting out superfluous layers of managers.
7. He then only argues that theism is superfluous.
8. Nature abhors the superfluous, yet is constrained to produce the seemingly extravagant.
9. This week's conference had been superfluous since Sunday's vote to prevent amendments to the policy review documents, he said.
10. There is no superfluous decoration in Shaker design, yet there is a powerful beauty in its functional simplicity.
11. Parents will become superfluous, the robots will nurse and play with children.
12. And what precise beauty! Not a single superfluous gesture, or bow, or turn.
13. He can use stock motifs and patterns and superfluous work can be retained to cater for future demand.
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14. Not a note seems superfluous in this essay for flute, clarinet in A, vibraphone, piano, violin and cello.
15. Pattern practice makes grammatical explanations superfluous and encourages learning by analogy.
16. That seems superfluous and even confusing, but unless some paths of possible interpretation are quite deliberately blocked they will be taken.
17. In the former it is superfluous since the reader can go directly from character to meaning.
18. The gesture was superfluous; she was packed into a denim miniskirt so tight that she could only walk in a shuffle.
19. The crowd was so well - behaved that the police presence was superfluous.
20. He had already been told, so our comments were superfluous.
21. She gave him a look that made words quite superfluous.
22. Idem, my tie, conservative enough with its narrow bands of maroon and white, but here superfluous.
23. But the human personality of a particular body is not superfluous when we fall in love with some one whose body it is.
24. In the intermediate zone between a population boom and a population bust, this superfluous genetic material is pruned out.
25. It was unlikely that this highly efficient virus would carry any superfluous baggage.
26. I take issue with the view that district ethics committees are superfluous once central committees have approved a multicentre project.
27. The austerity and uniformity of much modern architecture made sculpture superfluous.
28. Not least fascinating is the suggestion that deep breathing could render valium superfluous.
29. They can be regarded as events of long duration, stripped of superfluous detail.
30. An agreement on Kurdish autonomy would bring the Kurds back to their towns and villages, rendering a western military presence superfluous.
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