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Duodenum in a sentence

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Sentence count:88Posted:2016-09-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: to the number ofa large number ofwoodenassiduousmenurevenuemodecodeMeaning: [‚duːəʊ'dɪːnəm /‚djuː-]  n. the part of the small intestine between the stomach and the jejunum. 
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1. The frequency of peristalsis in the duodenum was calculated from this sequence at 14 contractions per minute.
2. Longitudinal sections along the duodenum were stained with haematoxylin and eosin for histological examination.
3. The lesions extended into the duodenum beyond the papilla of Vater.
4. Single ulcers develop in the proximal duodenum of about half the animals.
5. Studies of the human oesophagus and duodenum showed the same influence of intestinal tone upon the pressure elastic modulus during distension.
6. There was muscularis mucosa in ventriculus and duodenum.
7. Conclusion Repair of duodenum or duodenojunostomy plus gastrojejunostomy is simple to carry out, meeting physiological requirements and producing less complications.
8. Briefly, the perfused preparation consisted of pancreas with a small remnant of duodenum according to the method as described elsewhere.
9. Another patient had severe inflammation and numerous granulomata on histological examination of duodenal biopsies indicating Crohn's disease of the duodenum.
10. The concentrations of urokinase type plasminogen activator in the duodenum resemble the quantities found in normal stomach tissue biopsy specimens.
11. With great discretion, Laurence Evenden released the excess gas pressure in his duodenum.
12. A gastroscopy showed a severe inflammation of the stomach and proximal duodenum.
13. In the nine H pylori negative non-uraemic patients, one had erosive duodenitis and another a deformed duodenum.
14. Various animal studies have shown inhibition of pancreatic enzyme secretion by pancreatic proteases in the duodenum.
15. Of the nine H pylori negative uraemic patients, two had oesophagitis and one had scattered petechiae in stomach and duodenum.
16. A small intestinal biopsy specimen was taken from the third part of the duodenum, and routinely processed for histological examination.
17. These patterns tend to stay stable over time and most patients had the same strain of Helicobacter in the stomach and duodenum.
18. From these findings and from the clinical course, we concluded that the fragments had passed spontaneously into the duodenum.
19. Similar to other reports we also identified Dieulafoy's lesion in the duodenum.
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20. Objective To discuss management and early preventive methods for distal choledoch duodenum fistulas.
21. The figure of tissue slices showed that L-carnitine improved villas length, density and the distribution uniformity of duodenum, improved the cellularity of liver cell, arranged compactly.
22. A long, irregularly shaped gland in vertebrates, lying behind the stomach, that secretes pancreatic juice into the duodenum and insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin into the bloodstream.
23. Objective To investigate the Asi-antidiarrheal capsule's effect on mast cell (MC) in duodenum mucosa of thyroid hormone-induced diarrheic (hyperthyroid diarrhea, HD) rats.
24. Mothods Ligated the anterior, posterior and rear pancreaticoduodenal artery, observed the state of animals survival and the pathology change of dog's pancreas and duodenum after ischemic operation.
25. Cold stress could also result in the incrassation in mucous membrane of duodenum, the restorable denatured fat in liver.
26. The Decoction for Regulating the Flow of Qi and Removing Stagnation could enhance spike potential activities in abomasal pyloric antrum, duodenum and jejunum.
27. Six wethers of Inner Mongolia crossbred sheep fitted with Permanent cannulae into the rumen and duodenum were used.
28. Methods 62 patients with protrusive lesions of the esophagus, stomach, or duodenum were examined by mEUS using water-filling method.
29. Peking ducks were used as experimental animals in experiment, and duodenum - pancreas fistulas were made by operation.
30. Conclusion The changes in nitriergic nerves and ICC in myenteric plexus of rat duodenum might be closely related to intestinal dysfunction during early post-burn stage.
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