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Incongruous in a sentence

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Similar words: incongruityin the long runCongresscongratulatecongressionalcontinuousunconsciouspersona non grataMeaning: [ɪn'kɑŋgrʊəs /-'kɒŋ-]  adj. lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness. 
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1. The new computer looked incongruous in the dark book-filled library.
2. It was incongruous to see a thief sitting there cheek by jowl with the policeman.
3. I found the scene somewhat incongruous.
4. The new theatre looks utterly incongruous in its setting.
5. Such traditional methods seem incongruous in our technical age.
6. The two of them made an incongruous couple.
7. She was small and fragile and looked incongruous in an army uniform.
8. It seems incongruous to have a woman as the editor of a men's magazine.
9. The modern huge building looks incongruous in that old-fashioned village.
10. It seemed incongruous having a dance-band at the funeral.
11. Then I noticed a most incongruous thing.
12. All because of this burning, incongruous passion.
12. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
13. Their voices sounded shrill and incongruous, violating the silence that was appropriate in the great dome of the forest.
14. Despite its subject, Menzel adopts an apparently incongruous lyricism and humanity, and a delicate and underplayed comedy.
15. As I gazed on this incongruous tableau, however, the scene gradually took on a more sinister aspect.
16. Except that it seemed incongruous and yet traditional - we are overloaded with tradition.
17. Your comments seemed oddly incongruous compared with the analysts' reports I have read concerning Panda Project.
18. Last night's intimacy seemed doubly incongruous in contrast to this fraught hostility.
19. The screenplay focuses on the incongruous and interdependent friendship between a dimwitted stud and a petty con man.
20. It depends upon the incongruous, perceiving what is out of place - which is usually us!
21. The setting might appear incongruous but it can also be seen as being particularly poignant.
22. It would be incongruous to see her as an influence on later writers who may never have heard of her.
23. These remarks don't have any relationship to the problem at hand; they are incongruous and should be stricken from the record.
24. The girls at the depot watched the development of this incongruous relationship with incredulity.
25. He was the town naughty boy all right, and it was incongruous that he should have been named Wesley.
26. The idea of Veronica Puddephat joining any sort of feminist group was entirely incongruous.
27. A juggler was entertaining a theatre queue, turning an orange, a book and a saucepan in an incongruous circle.
28. He sat on a throne outside the lion exhibit and wore an incongruous plastic gold crown.
29. The other reason was it would have been somewhat incongruous and hypocritical.
30. Some seem flower-like yet when you touch them they have the incongruous scratch of stone.
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