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Strident in a sentence

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Synonym: blatantclamantclamorouscontinuantfricativeraucousshrillsibilantspirantvociferousSimilar words: tridentiridescentincidentevidentidentityaccidentresidentidentifyMeaning: ['straɪdnt]  adj. 1. conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry 2. of speech sounds produced by forcing air through a constricted passage (as `f', `s', `z', or `th' in both `thin' and `then') 3. being sharply insistent on being heard 4. unpleasantly loud and harsh. 
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1. People are put off by his strident voice.
2. The plan has provided strident criticism from local residents.
3. People are put off by her strident voice.
4. He is a strident advocate of nuclear power.
5. He was strident and dogmatic in giving his opinions.
6. They are becoming increasingly strident in their criticism of government economic policy.
7. Strident, overbearing leadership is inadvisable in this political culture.
8. Her own children were much more strident.
8. try its best to gather and build good sentences.
9. The bickering grew more strident during the visit.
10. There was much humour, of a strident, bitter sort.
11. She was beginning to hear that strident, angry voice in her sleep.
12. Strident editorials in the official press condemned foreign interference and predicted the worldwide triumph of socialism.
13. The pitch of politicians is more strident, the gauntlet is thrown down more quickly, the stakes get higher faster.
14. The strident ringing of the telephone broke in on them.
15. Its strident headlines implied that the march of modern Jacobinism was about to be started by an obscure parliamentary report.
16. Without being strident, she is fully aware that she chose to have a child with a parenting man.
17. Their strident moralism jarred with both the measured middle-class radicalism of the repealers and the dominant patrician language of high politics.
18. Rather than reducing problems, these strident warnings about food safety add to the burden of human suffering.
19. It sheared through bone and muscle alike, the strident snapping of the femur reverberating inside the room.
20. She tried to laugh, and the sound was harsh and strident.
21. This was their mother at her worst. Her voice was strident(, she was ready to be angry at anyone.
22. Instead, they will be replaced with a magazine with a less strident and more caring title-Dialog.
23. Dalgliesh was helping Meg Dennison into her jacket when the telephone rang, sounding unnaturally strident in the quiet room.
24. The argument raged on and their voices grew more strident.
25. But the older Matthew Arnold has little with which to correct the strident exaggeration of youth.
26. For a moment his attractiveness shone so powerfully that it almost sabotaged the warning bells sounding strident alarm inside Charity's head.
27. The Brotherhood provided the moral climate in which more strident cultures could flourish.
28. To make matters worse, the government was faced by increasingly strident opposition from the Bolsheviks.
29. These gallants, with hair long and curled, and jerkins dripping pearls, proved to be raucous and strident.
30. One may hope that this forceful advocacy can remain in most instances persuasive and considered rather than strident.
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