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Ride in a sentence

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Antonym: walkSimilar words: riderpridebrideride outderideride ontridenttake pride inMeaning: [raɪd]  n. 1. a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile) 2. a mechanical device that you ride for amusement or excitement. v. 1. sit and travel on the back of animal, usually while controlling its motions 2. be carried or travel on or in a vehicle 3. continue undisturbed and without interference 4. move like a floating object 5. harass with persistent criticism or carping 6. be sustained or supported or borne 7. have certain properties when driven 8. be contingent on 9. lie moored or anchored 10. sit on and control a vehicle 11. climb up on the body 12. ride over, along, or through 13. keep partially engaged by slightly depressing a pedal with the foot 14. copulate with. 
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1 Where the water is shallow, no vessel will ride
2 If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
3 If wishes were horses, beggars might ride
4 When the wolf grows old, the crows ride him. 
5 When two ride on one horse, one must sit behind. 
6 If two men ride on a horse, one must ride behind. 
7 Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride to the devil. 
8 She learned to ride when she was seven.
9 Ride on,[] ride on in majesty.
10 Stop being a chicken and try the rollercoaster ride!
11 In the far distance I saw a ride approaching.
12 Do you like to ride horseback?
13 He's learning to ride a motorcycle.
14 We went for a cycle ride on Sunday.
15 My horse is lame — I can't ride him.
16 We hitched a ride in a truck yesterday.
17 They hitched a ride in a truck.
18 My father taught me to ride a bicycle.
19 Let's go for a bike ride .
20 Be wary of strangers who offer you a ride.
21 I gave her a piggyback ride.
22 We went for a ride in her new car.
23 Anastasia could barely remember the ride to the hospital.
24 I learnt to ride as a child.
25 I don't ride my motorbike much anymore.
26 We have a long ride ahead of us tomorrow.
27 We had a long ride in the car.
28 I am learning to ride a horse.
29 The boy is eager to ride his new bicycle.
30 Old wood is best to burn, old horse to ride
More similar words: riderpridebrideride outderideride ontridenttake pride inside by sideridaridridgeluridfridgetorridhybridbridgeriddenget rid ofabridgeabridgedcorridorridiculousideatidesideaidewidevideoglide
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