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Sham in a sentence

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Synonym: fakefraudhoaximitationmockpretenseAntonym: realSimilar words: ashamedchamberchampionhamburgerchameleonchampionshipshadea shareMeaning: [ʃæm]  n. 1. something that is a counterfeit; not what it seems to be 2. a person who makes deceitful pretenses. v. 1. make a pretence of 2. make believe with the intent to deceive. adj. adopted in order to deceive. 
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1) The latest crime figures are a complete sham.
2) The elections were a complete sham.
3) I'm a blunt straightforward man; I hate sham.
4) She felt trapped in a sham of a marriage.
5) Hutton was exposed as the sham that he was.
6) His intellectual pretensions are all sham.
7) Their marriage had become a complete sham.
8) They made a fortune through some sham property deal.
9) It all turned out to be sham and hypocrisy.
10) That jewellery looks sham to me.
11) Are these real diamonds or only sham?
12) The government's promises were exposed as a hollow sham.
13) What he says is all sham.
14) They cunningly played the game of sham peace.
15) His love was a sham; he only wanted her money.
16) The article exposes him for the sham that he really is.
17) Be guard against various sham theories. Don't be fooled by them.
18) Their promises turned out to be full of sham and hypocrisy.
19) The whole exercise is a sham.
20) The competition has been exposed as a complete sham.
21) He was a sham and a liar.
22) After serious trouble at Sham gigs, for example the one at the London School of Economics,[] they also deserted their followers.
23) Is the notion of an independent judiciary a sham? 4.
24) These immigrants entered into sham marriages just to stay in the country.
25) Our so-called democracy is a complete sham and an insult to the electorate.
26) It turned out that he wasn't a real doctor at all - he was just a sham.
27) She claims to know all about computers but really she's a sham.
28) They claimed that the election had been fair, but really it was a sham.
29) Many people rightly believe that the war is a sham.
30) The suit said Streich Lang allowed Western to engage in sham real-estate deals that recorded bogus profits.
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