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Resolution in a sentence

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Synonym: answerclosuredeclarationfirmnessfirmness of purposeresolutenessresolveresolvingresolving powerresultsettlementsolutionsolventsolvingSimilar words: evolutionrevolutionarypollutionresolveisolationexecutioninstitutiondistributionMeaning: [‚rezə'luːʃn]  n. 1. a formal expression by a meeting; agreed to by a vote 2. the ability of a microscope or telescope to measure the angular separation of images that are close together 3. the trait of being resolute 4. finding a solution to a problem 5. something settled or resolved; the outcome of decision making 6. analysis into clear-cut components 7. (computer science) the number of pixels per square inch on a computer-generated display; the greater the resolution, the better the picture 8. the subsidence of swelling or other signs of inflammation (especially in a lung) 9. (music) a dissonant chord is followed by a consonant chord 10. a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem 11. a decision to do something or to behave in a certain manner. 
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1. Courage and resolution are the spirit and soul of virtue. 
2. The resolution was passed by a two-thirds majority.
3. The resolution called for the resumption of negotiations.
4. A majority vote enabled the passage of the resolution.
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5. The party members were balloted on the resolution.
6. He made a resolution never to do it again.
7. The resolution was carried at the previous plenary session.
8. We were angered at the resolution.
9. They agreed on a draft resolution.
10. The unexpected blow did not stagger his resolution.
11. She made a New Year's resolution to get fit.
12. The committee have passed a resolution that conditions be improved.
13. An affirmative resolution of both Houses of Parliament is needed.
14. The UN has passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire.
15. The US is trying to neutralize the resolution in the UN Security Council.
16. They are trying to rush through the draft resolution before the general election.
17. Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the complete withdrawal of troops.
18. The UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution calling for a halt to hostilities.
19. The resolution was carried unanimously.
20. The resolution was unanimously rejected.
21. Japan used her veto to block the resolution.
22. The bill/motion/resolution was carried by 340 votes to 210.
23. The assembly adopted a resolution approving the scheme.
24. The motion/proposal/resolution/bill was carried by 210 votes to 160.
25. The resolution was carried nem con.
26. Poverty is not a sufficient cause for disgrace, but poverty without resolution to help oneself, is a disgrace. 
27. Poverty is not a sufficient cause of disgrace, but poverty without resolution to help oneself is a disgrace. 
28. How few there are who have courage enough to own their faults.or resolution enough to mend them!
29. They made an objection to the imperial system with resolution.
30. Council members spent the day quibbling over the final wording of the resolution.
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