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Importune in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-10-04Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: insistSimilar words: fortune cookieopportunityimportimportantimportantlyof importancefortunatelytuneMeaning: [‚ɪmpɔr'tuːn /-pɔː'tjuːn]  v. beg persistently and urgently. 
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1. As a tourist, you are importuned for money the moment you step outside your hotel.
2. He was arrested for importuning a young boy outside the station.
3. One can no longer walk the streets without seeing beggars importuning passers by.
4. I bombarded the War Office, and importuned the Red Cross; but all to no avail.
5. It might have been true once - and she was glad now that she had never succumbed to Hugh's importuning.
6. A few months later he was fined for persistently importuning for immoral purposes.
7. Don't importune me with your complaints.
8. But I will no longer importune my young
9. I importune you to help them.
10. Everything has it 's destiny, we cannot importune.
11. So now I am not importune others, don't try to give others to bring pressure.
12. Above all I do not wish to importune or compromise you. I only want to love you to my last sight.
13. Above all I do not wish to importune or compromise you.
14. That may importune the administration to act, but if they don't, there's a strong move in Congress to do so.
15. Come to receive vote, but cannot importune others to poll for a certain person, but it is to want communal circumstance to establish ballot box commonly.
16. To try to influence, as by insistent arguments; importune or entreat.
17. In that case, the hostess of a club selling non-alcoholic beverages importuned three passers by.
18. But I don't want to sing about football results or importune people to dance.
19. Therefore, the right attitude to fame and wealth is not to importune and not to shuffle them.
20. Nevertheless, to gem, she does not have special hobby however, however off-the-peg design goes, do not importune must order do.
21. People are different ideas and experience, the knowledge, life, social status, factors of formation. It is difficult to importune consistent.
22. Of course most of the time his wife do not want to, but ultimately fail to beat my importune.
23. Amateurs could cause accidents and may not build the scaffolding correctly allowing it to collapse at importune occasions.
24. We will add this in general, touching the affection of envy; that of all other affections, it is the most importune and continual.
25. It is not cost-efficient that sometimes we make ourselves exhausted just to importune something.
26. They told reporters that these so-called fleet AIDS Society in law enforcement often importune, interference or damage to law enforcement.
27. Be about to communicate complete spirit the target that should become a gender, target itself can make a person abstracted, importune spirit desire syncretic , achieve not easily instead.
28. Alcoholism , violence, love to drink hit that every time his neighbor play hide in order to escape after his father's drunken importune.
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