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Parentheses in a sentence

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1, The figures in parentheses refer to page numbers.
2, The students' first names are shown in parentheses.
3, Answer these questions, using the words in parentheses. Put the apostrophe in the right place.
4, Finally, in parentheses is the laboratory analysis number.
5, Answer: a. If the words in parentheses need an exclamation point or question mark, place it inside the parentheses.
6, If you do use parentheses, check them when you proofread!
7, Irregular forms are given in parentheses .
8, Do not follow the array name with parentheses.
9, You can override normal operator precedence by using parentheses.
10, His weathered cheeks etched parentheses around his mouth.
11, The parentheses effectively execute the statements in a subshell.
12, Do not follow either array name with parentheses.
13, Parentheses are not necessary around the first expression of a conditional expression, since the precedence of?
14, Consider using parentheses to improve readability and avoid mistakes because of logical operator precedence.
15, The second set of parentheses would yield either the letter C or F.
16, Based on the order of the stack in parentheses matching program design verification.
17, The range of distances found for the other four molecules is given in parentheses.
18, Remember: You should be able to remove the material in parentheses completely and still have a correctly punctuated[], grammatical sentence.
19, How would you put his cackle in print or produce that grin with parentheses and colons?
20, Such ions take the name of the element followed by a Roman numeral in parentheses indicating the oxidation number of the ion.
21, The format is also comparable, i.e. a headword followed by a list of related words in parentheses.
22, To convert a Boolean expression to a gate circuit, evaluate the expression using standard order of operations: multiplication before addition,[] and operations within parentheses before anything else.
23, The function identifier is used in a context that requires trailing parentheses.
24, We wrote our software in a weird AI language, with a bizarre syntax full of parentheses.
25, So, I implement it to practice and see how am I difference from my school days. This implementation support nested parentheses, percentage, exponent, negative number and fractional number.
26, The while statement seems like a reasonable place for this, so you add in a new set of parentheses to get the following source.
27, When Shechtman made this discovery, he also drew a picture of it, and he made a note, in the parentheses tenfold??
28, This creates "nasolabial folds, " lines that extend from the tip of the nose to the corners of the lips: the parentheses of the face.
29, So long as you're reserving words, go ahead and reserve the not equal sign (), and, or, the left and right parentheses.
30, Experiment Title: 5.1 Based on the order of the stack in parentheses matching program design verification 1, experimental purposes 1. To master the order of the stack storage structure 2.
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