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Outgassing in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2016-09-04Updated:2020-07-24
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1. Finally, Mercury and the Moon may be much less thoroughly outgassed than the other terrestrial planets.
2. In the second case, frothing may be produced as both the sample and the resin outgas together.
3. We can be reasonably sure that the first water vapours were the natural result of condensation of the outgassed products of volcanoes.
4. They are erratically distributed around the planet, and the gases they emit vary in outgassed particular matter.
5. Will tundra start outgassing vast amounts of methane?
6. If this phenomenon, called "outgassing," were to kick in, it could inundate the atmosphere with carbon dioxide, perhaps doubling or tripling the effect of the past century of human industry.
7. The outgassing rate of GFRP was measured at different temperatures.
8. Any indication of Outgassing on the glass is a failure.
9. Outgassing is one of the "dangerous anthropogenic warming" effects that the Copenhagen summit is trying to head off.
10. Outgassing is a problem sometimes seen in sealed electromechanical relays.
11. In this paper,[] two concepts—spacecraft materials outgassing acceleration test and acceleration factor are described.
12. Please keep in mind that outgassing of specimens and connection lines might cause corrosion of components.
13. CASCAD closes over the contaminants, thereby eliminating outgassing and associated downwind hazards.
14. During the periods of maximum core outgassing hydrogen fluids attain to the stratosphere forming aqueous-ice clouds of high reflective ability there.
15. A simulation equipment used for determing the outgassing and contamination property of non metal spacecraft materials has been built recently.
16. If outgassing or pollution is expected, we also recommend a regular maintenance of the measuring system.
16. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
17. In case of outgassing or pollution caused by the specimen we recommend regular maintenance of the measuring system.
18. This paper introduces the application of testing devices for studying the contamination effect of outgassing, particulate, photodissociation for Midcourse Space Experiment satellite of USA in orbit.
19. Thus, fossil fuel carbon emissions are eighty times larger than background volcanic outgassing.
20. So the material of their storage ring vacuum chambers must have the characters of low surface thermal outgassing rate, low photon stimulated desorption and resistance to multi-electron impact.
21. But he notes that his model of a planet acquiring and then outgassing solar material is not dead yet.
22. This article introduces the theory, equipment and method, data processing and error analysis procedure of testing screen scanning outgassing.
23. In such discharges, the plasma density was determined entirely by the outgassing of the limiter and-wall, and independent of the initial hydrogen pressure pA totally.
24. Quartz crystal microbalance test technique is widely used in monitoring non-metal material outgassing and molecular contamination condensation on sensitive system surfaces of spacecraft.
25. Thin layer of metal provides mechanical strength and eliminates outgassing , at the same time increasing temperature range and heat conductivity of the fiber.
26. At least one source of the corrosion is the small amount of outgassing through the battery vents that takes place when the battery is in use.
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