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Classify in a sentence

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Synonym: categorizegrouporganizesortSimilar words: classicclassicalclassa classclassroommiddle-classthe working classassistMeaning: ['klæsɪfaɪ]  v. 1. arrange or order by classes or categories 2. declare unavailable, as for security reasons 3. assign to a class or kind. 
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1. We shall classify these subjects under three topics.
2. It is necessary initially to classify the headaches into certain types.
3. Biologists classify animals and plants into different groups.
4. We'd classify Drabble's novels under 'Romance'.
5. As a musician, Cage is hard to classify.
6. Would you classify her novels as serious literature or as mere entertainment?
7. Would you classify it as a hard drug or a soft drug?
8. Classify as a phonic alternative, but this is tentative.
9. Chapter 3 Volcanic eruptions are difficult things to classify.
10. It is more interesting to classify strategies according to certain categories, and examine the success of these broader divisions.
11. They need to classify their specimens in order to preserve them.
12. We can now classify patients as having good or bad glycaemic control.
13. We can classify ELT video materials according to the role they give video in the classroom.
14. Are you satisfied with your initial attempt to classify the political systems above?
15. Historians, too, must determine how to classify their data for analytical purposes.
16. You might attempt to classify countries based on similarities in the way these political structures relate to each other.
17. Similarly, Fisher and Langley use anatomical data to classify phyla.
18. Therefore we may classify the various types of expenditure as in Figure 10.2.
19. Psychologists classify as many as 10 to 15 percent of us as very sensitive.
20. Looking in more detail, it is possible to classify seismic activity into four zones.
21. It may not be quite correct to classify Alcmaeon as a Pythagorean, but he was certainly influenced by Pythagorean ideas.
22. Functional courses which classify discourse by function alone often overlook this complex interaction.
23. Although not the only source of mystical power, anomalous phenomena are often given special treatment if they are difficult to classify.
24. It is the shape of the hip bones, rather than other anatomical differences, that are used to classify dinosaurs.
25. To make a value judgment by calling something good or bad is to classify it in terms of its reinforcing effects.
26. Of the rest, twenty mentioned various kinds of community-level effects which I would classify as affecting the local way of life.
27. Obviously waves may have frequencies of intermediate magnitude and so be difficult to classify as either destructive or constructive.
28. We hold too high an opinion of Huckelberry to classify him as the lackey of a lackey.
28. try its best to collect and build good sentences.
29. The Victorians invested considerable faith in the power of the camera to record, classify amid witness.
30. Several years ago, Pensacola, Florida, developed a useful way to classify public services.
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