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Guttural in a sentence

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Sentence count:37Posted:2017-03-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: croakingcroakyguttural consonantpharyngealpharyngeal consonantSimilar words: naturalculturalnaturallyunnaturalnatural lawstructuralnatural gassupernaturalMeaning: ['gʌtərəl]  n. a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat. adj. 1. like the sounds of frogs and crows 2. relating to or articulated in the throat. 
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(1) Joe had a low, guttural voice with a mid-Western accent.
(2) His guttural utterances are accompanied by erudite subtitles.
(3) Sharp, guttural cries accompanied the drum of hooves.
(4) Their speech, when they cried out, was guttural.
(5) We could hear the guttural growling of still more coming from underground burrows.
(6) That meant learning their language, composed mostly of guttural noises, facial expressions, arm movements and gestures.
(7) With a small guttural sigh she relaxed and allowed him to part her thighs.
(8) The talk began to waft over me(, Halema's guttural Arabic being too quick and too difficult for me to catch.
(9) Mike made some guttural noise to indicate that he had heard me.
(10) An archer with the guttural accent of a native of Reikwald forest agreed with the fanatic.
(11) My caress provoked a long , guttural gnarl.
(12) Cordelia imitated his guttural tones.
(13) Guttural pharynx eats what medicine canal to use!
(14) He made a few guttural sounds.
(15) Guttural and scratchy, dry cough, now and then sneeze.
(16) The factitious what of guttural cancer often coughs?
(17) The deep guttural sounds of the speaker were scarcely intelligible to the newly - waked, bewildered listener.
(18) Big in July darling summer is guttural and hoarse, what can you eat to come cure?
(19) Meeting companion has gastric sinusitis guttural eyewinker the symptom with painful the pit of the stomach?
(20) Meeting companion has gastric sinusitis guttural eyewinker feeling, the symptom with painful the pit of the stomach?
(21) What fruit cannot guttural agnail eat what to fruit you can eat?
(22) The method with good what does guttural agnail have to treat?
(23) Two Egyptians were arguing outside the room, their voices loud and guttural.
(24) Ruby attempted to communicate by a combination of gestures, clicks, and guttural sounds unlike any known language.
(25) Normally a language is developed by human beings from guttural sounds that eventually become verbal symbols for objects and actions.
(26) He twisted around toward the one who had him in his grasp, and let out a guttural, weird howl.
(27) He telephoned Yorkshire Television to seek explanations and advice, demanding plaintively in a guttural accent.
(28) My bus driver, in the morning, spoke in a guttural Derry accent.
(29) This was one where I didn't understand a word, yet the rhythm and that guttural.
(30) When Sound Designer Ben Burtt delivered a suitably bizarre mix of guttural speech and clicking insect sounds, the lip-sync was redone to properly match.
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