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Swish in a sentence

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Similar words: wishwish forJewishwisetwistwisdomwiselyotherwiseMeaning: [swɪʃ]  n. a brushing or rustling sound. v. move with or cause to move with a whistling or hissing sound. adj. elegant and fashionable. 
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1. I heard the rope swish through the air.
2. We heard the swish of a cane.
3. We could hear the swish and gurgle of water against the hull.
4. Their new apartment is very swish.
5. She turned away with a swish of her skirt.
6. She turned with a swish of her skirt.
7. With a swish of the curtains, the stage was revealed.
8. We watched the train swish past the empty platforms.
9. Her skirts gave a swish.
10. Swish, swish,( the noise came quietly through to me.
11. We have 10 Swish Powerglydes to give away to subscribers.
12. Suddenly there was the unmistakable swish of a mortar bomb, then the explosion a few yards away.
13. Whistling nostrils, the gentle swish of the robe and a crunching like snow beneath my boots.
14. Then a flaring swish as its propellant ignited, accelerating it helter-skelter accumulating redoubtable kinetic energy.
15. His glinting nails swish and clink as he chases me down a long hallway hung with pictures of CEOs.
16. Now, with a swish and a swallow, you, too, are sent on your way.
17. It's a myth that we only swish our tails when we're angry.
18. Only the murmur of ships' engines and swish of bows cutting the tide could be heard across the calm sea.
19. Class: The swish and flick.
20. The wipers on the bus go swish swishswish.
21. Sniff, savor and swish that around for a few moments.
22. Our company, the Swish Swash Windshield Wiper Company, is a medium-sized business with seven branch offices and 800 employees, including 19 IT staff members.
23. His conscience could enjoy the crisp swish of a departing skirt.
24. The first technique you will try is the Swish Pattern.
25. The wipers on the bus go swish , swish , swish, all day long.
26. Now engineer Jaafer Sheblee, 34, plans to go to court to make Thornton Swish stick to the contract.
27. It was sheltered inside, but they could hear the continuous swish of the rain in the branches high above them.
28. He remembered the hiss of those wings, the lick and swish of revolving doors, the warble of phones.
29. Twice in the post with left - handed miniature hooks, one a swish, the other enjoying the backboard.
30. If somebody gave Gilbert Arenas a water bottle, he could swish a game - winning trey with it.
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