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Disruption in a sentence

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Synonym: breakcommotiondislocationdisturbancefluttergaphoo-hahoo-hahhurly burlyinterruptionkerfuffleperturbationto-doSimilar words: disrupteruptioncorruptioninterruptionoptioncaptionadoptioninceptionMeaning: [-pʃn]  n. 1. an act of delaying or interrupting the continuity 2. a disorderly outburst or tumult 3. an event that results in a displacement or discontinuity 4. the act of causing disorder. 
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1. Strikes are causing severe disruption to all train services.
2. The city centre suffered some disruption due to a bomb scare.
3. The bombing campaign caused massive disruption to industry.
4. The strike caused widespread disruption .
5. The strike is expected to cause delays and disruption to flights from Britain.
6. The strike caused widespread disruption to flight schedules.
7. Planning for holidays will cause disruption and inconvenience.
8. Change without unity would lead to disruption and chaos.
9. Complete disruption of lysosomes also occurs, but to a lesser extent resulting in less marked release of enzyme into the supernatant.
10. The severe disruption to the samian industry in Central Gaul caused an immediate diminution in high grade pottery production.
11. Passengers faced intolerable delays and disruption due to the bad weather conditions.
12. The greatest burdens of the war - destruction, disruption of life and economic deprivation - have fallen on the rural population.
13. These could easily lead to the disruption of overseas markets and sources of raw materials.
14. It merely registers the disruption of its outer membrane that such entry causes.
15. River organisms' ability to survive the disruption of floods was never evolved to withstand this kind of onslaught.
16. The winter's rail disruption, floods and snow added to retailers' woes as shoppers stayed at home.
17. Therefore, to have meaning, the disruption must share at least one dimension with both the structure and the observer.
18. It was estimated that the disruption cost retailers around £5m in lost sales.
19. The authorities were not sympathetic to the students' demands, neither would they tolerate any disruption.
20. The rail company is bringing in more trains in an effort to minimize disruption to travellers.
21. We aim to help you move house with minimum disruption to yourself.
22. The accident on the main road through town is causing widespread disruption for motorists.
23. When people take shorter breaks there is less build-up and excitement before and after the holiday, resulting in less disruption.
24. The new building was stained by smoke, but there was no disruption to normal operations.
25. Doubtless, Salisbury traders benefited from the weekly market despite the disruption to normal traffic.
26. Can a teacher be punished if his or her use of approved materials causes substantial disruption in the community?
27. For most of the evening she was tired and irritable and her ensuing behaviour caused considerable disruption to family
28. The law requires the chief of police to make educated guesses about the likelihood that disorder, damage or disruption will occur.
29. Relocation is bound to cause a certain amount of disruption in the running of the business.
30. If you are considering going on secondment during term time it is obviously important to minimise disruption to the teaching programme.
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