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Limpid in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-03-28Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: clearlucidtranslucenttransparentSimilar words: impishimpiousimpingeimpishlylimpblimpglimpsepalimpsestMeaning: ['lɪmpɪd]  adj. 1. clear and bright 2. transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity 3. (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable. 
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1 She gave him a look of limpid honesty.
2 It was a limpid, beautiful day, and she was a little bit in love.
3 He keeps fat in the limpid integument Reflections live on.
4 Studying you, I note your limpid gaze, felicitous expression your dazzling waist.
5 Octet featuring the limpid piano of Marc Laginha, Django Bates on tenor horn.
6 His limpid style and flashes of wit overcame Labour heckling, tickled the press and brought a smile to jaded Tory backbenchers.
7 Black shapes now appear against the limpid sky on the horizons!
8 The blaze will turn into limpid pool.
9 He has a pair of limpid blue eyes.
10 There is limpid brooklet in front of my hometown.
11 Limpid and garnet-coloured, darkened by purple tints.
12 Colour: Limpid and shiny colour with a golden pale tone.
13 Limpid dew on them, trumpet-shaped petals with purple and white glowed with the freshness and grace.
14 Her limpid and pretty eyes twinkle, they are particularly good - looking.
15 Limpid, clear. Term applied to a wine free from suspended matter.
16 Please notice whether the color of tea is limpid and bright.
17 It's only in those limpid eyes of hers that you see she's been through a lot.
18 Yeah, limpid are like clear water in a tranquil pool.
19 The most limpid, which ( omit ) was always in the source.
20 The sky was a limpid blue , as if swept clean of everything.
21 He thought the speech a model of its kind, limpid and unaffected.
22 The dew-drop on a bullock's pizzle, thick glycerine, a limpid gum, swaying on the great dead thistle.
23 Do you detect a touch of moral fervour rippling its unsightly way across the normally limpid Weltanschauung of Oliver Russell?
24 Once cooled, the plaster mold is carefully broken to reveal the limpid product.
25 Therefore I majority all am play in the hometown limpid river water.
26 If it were merely a pain, it would melt in limpid tears.
27 There were no clouds , the sun was going down in a limpid, gold - washed sky.
28 When you lower the head instantaneous, only then detected that under foot's road, in heart that freedom world, like this limpid lofty, is being in full bloom never on the wane,[] the blue lotus flower.
29 An American reporter who came under her spell wrote:"Her eyes are limpid pools of midnight inkiness ;"
30 My thoughts, Like melting glaciers in March, Trickling sluggishly; Like limpid streamlet, Flowing merrily through your spring.
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