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Tepid in a sentence

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Synonym: lukewarmmildSimilar words: step inepidemicepidermistrepidationstep by stepstepstepsin stepMeaning: ['tepɪd]  adj. 1. moderately warm 2. feeling or showing little interest or enthusiasm. 
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(1) The critics's reaction to the film was rather tepid.
(2) I got a tepid response to my suggestion that we should start work earlier.
(3) Keizer could only offer tepid praise for Hanshaw's work.
(4) The soup was disgusting, greasy, tepid and watery.
(5) Tepid sweats form, and shine, and instantly evaporate.
(6) Leave for half an hour before rinsing with tepid water. Spread on slices of cooling cucumber or cold bags.
(7) My first tepid foray into activism was the Pillbox Hat Incident.
(8) He returned carrying some tepid water and cleaning material, and gently began wiping the sore cut.
(9) Unfortunately for Mr Wilson, that comeback will be tepid - and probably hardly noticeable until after next year's gubernatorial election.
(10) Relax for fifteen minutes, then rinse off with tepid water.
(11) The water was tepid.
(12) Allow to cool until tepid. Cut the mangoes in half and scoop out the flesh with a metal spoon.
(13) Suavely, I propagate in the tepid pipes and filters of the air-conditioning.
(14) The tepid federal response to the assault and murder of civil rights workers engaged in nonviolent activities fomented distrust.
(15) On the tray were a jug of tepid water, a plate of raw bloody meat and two mouldy lemons.
(16) He soaked a handkerchief in some tepid water and wiped her forehead.
(17) Leave for half an hour before rinsing with tepid water.
(18) That night I ate tepid chicken soup and yogurt and a few more codeine pills while watching television.
(19) Beyond us a large shallow pond expands its tepid shores on to the field.
(20) She bent her mouth to the tap and drank the tepid water.
(21) His nomination, while strongly backed by the President, has received tepid support in the Senate.
(22) If your child's temperature rises, sponge her down gently with tepid water.
(23) Christina went upstairs to her bedroom, peeled off her sticky, crumpled clothes, and jumped into a tepid shower.
(24) His denial of the regular Clinton temper tantrums described in the book, though, was rather more tepid.
(25) Admittedly, I went with the pre-conceived notion the show would be a tepid rehashing of old material.
(26) Paracetamol can help reduce the temperature along with fan therapy and tepid sponging.
(27) How to use: As for previous recipe, but rinse off with tepid water.
(28) Sales are so grim they are offering individual game tickets, although the response has been tepid.
(29) Sluggish economic growth means interest rates will stay low amid tepid demand for loans and a reduced risk of accelerating inflation.
(30) She took three aspirins from her handbag and swallowed them, grimacing, with the last tepid mouthful of tea.
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