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Vapid in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-02-18Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: blandflatflavorlessflavourlessinsipidsavorlesssavourlessSimilar words: rapidrapidlydilapidatedvaporevaporatewater vaporcupidstupidMeaning: ['væpɪd]  adj. 1. lacking taste or flavor or tang 2. lacking significance or liveliness or spirit or zest. 
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1 His conversation was vapid in the extreme.
2 She made a vapid comment about the weather.
3 The vapid conversation bored her.
4 It sounds vapid enough: the kind of remark Mrs Whosis on the ground floor would expect from me.
5 There are experiences in life which seem barren, vapid or peripheral.
6 The theory is vapid,[] while the life is colorful.
7 A sort of vapid eagerness flitted across Winston's face at the mention of Big Brother.
8 In vapid Listlessness I leant my head against the window, and continued spelling over Catherine Earnshaw?
9 Pre - millennialism – vapid understanding of the eternal state – God will get licks in.
10 In June they left the vapid Mr Hatoyama in no doubt he should resign.
11 Is is increasingly part of a vapid and commercialised mass - media culture.
12 Gave a vapid and unmeaning response to a difficult query.
13 Too much hard working will make life vapid and kill the vitality and sunshine of life.
14 You will see this vapid air of yours run up against an outlandish shame of living.
15 Tom dislikes vapid food.
16 Sun Xiu was taught a lesson, feeling vapid. He left with a touch of his nose.
17 The most highly regarded also had an articulate vision, going beyond vapid cliches of what the nation should become.
18 And in his definitive text the novelist voices social unsteadiness as empty groupings and vapid motions.
19 Janice was in Martha's creative writing class and wrote short, bland poetry that resembled vapid Anglican hymns.
20 But theproblem is that Ms Merkel has been delivering similarly vapid speeches aroundthe whole country.
21 The next issue is that reviewing is generally dull and vapid.
22 With every advantage of lungs and elocution, the effect is vapid.
23 Set during the second world war, Stella's story is intercut with the lives of her son (in the army and heir to an estate in Ireland) and Louie, a vapid good-time girl who crosses Harrison's path.
24 He's just another slice off the loaf of shallow vapid pain - in - the - ass 09 erdom.
25 He did the same thing year by year and found life vapid.
26 Ethan loves kung - fu movies, but Joe thinks they are just vapid entertainment.
27 You are obviously not a contactee or you would not ask such a vapid question.
28 With every advantage of lungs and elocution, the effect is singularly vapid.
29 Today, one can't help sensing that what began as a positive spirit of anarchy has descended into a vapid , untrammelled 'anything-goes'.
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