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Insipid in a sentence

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Synonym: blandflatflavorlessflavourlessjejunesavorlesssavourlessvapidSimilar words: insistinsidein sightinsightinsinuateintrinsicrapidincipientMeaning: [ɪn'sɪpɪd]  adj. 1. lacking taste or flavor or tang 2. lacking significance or impact 3. lacking interest or significance 4. not pleasing to the sense of taste. 
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1. The friendship of a gentleman is insipid as water.
2. It tasted indescribably bland and insipid, like warmed cardboard.
3. It tasted bland and insipid, like warmed cardboard.
4. He's an insipid old bore.
5. On the surface she seemed meek, rather insipid.
6. The group are an insipid imitation of the Beatles.
7. After an hour of insipid conversation, I left.
8. Why anyone buys music with such insipid lyrics is a mystery.
9. Canned coffees taste either harsh or insipid.
10. Bite into a shiny, red apple and taste insipid sponge.
11. The locks were closed again, the process ended, insipid Vadinamian refreshments were served in the visitors gallery.
12. So out go the insipid beiges and in come the sizzling hot pinks,[] peachy whites and fluorescent fuchsias.
13. Insipid daft doesn't make good copy.
14. For decades viewers were force-fed insipid official propaganda and newspeak.
15. The dialogue tends toward the insipid.
16. A mixture of milk and water is a insipid drink.
17. It was the least controversial, most insipid topic I could concoct.
18. Insipid, dry, cheesed feeling can make a person fretful go mad even.
19. The usual theism is more insipid.
20. In the pre-Day era, television interviews were almost always respectful, dull, stiff and often insipid.
21. The desire not to make waves is a particularly depressing and insipid form of self-censorship.
22. I'd have to tell you that it is an insipid and belated rehearsal of modernist experimentation with self-reflexivity.
23. He has opinions on almost everything but most of them are insipid.
24. They complain that the fruit is being homogenised just like the insipid tomatoes bred to look pretty behind cellophane on supermarket shelves.
25. I try to feed it with soda biscuit which is dry and insipid.
26. We mustn't blame Sebastian if at times he seems a little insipid.
27. She said she was a good cook, but the food she cooked is insipid.
28. Not likely to offend or provoke to strong emotion; insipid.
29. Robson had stationed Lee Bowyer on the right wing as cover for the teenager (Taylor), but given the wretchedly insipid nature of his performance, he need not have bothered.
30. North American herb with poisonous root stock and edible though insipid fruit.
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