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Jutting in a sentence

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Similar words: abuttingfittingsettingblottingforgettingunwittingwittinglyunwittinglyMeaning: [dʒʌt]  n. the act of projecting out from something. adj. extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary. 
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(1) The climbers rested on a sheltered ledge jutting out from the cliff.
(2) Its long cranium jutting forward, fangs dripping gluey saliva.
(3) She is young and she is beautiful, jaw jutting forth, hair swept back, eyes deep and direct.
(4) He was an awe-inspiring sight, his beard jutting out fiercely and his brow knotted in anger.
(5) Just a ledge of sand jutting out from the main body of the island.
(6) Spurn is a long thin peninsula, jutting three-and-a-half miles out from the North Humberside mainland.
(7) She sidestepped him, her shoulder jutting out like she would ram him aside.
(8) There were matches jutting from the knuckles of every hand.
(9) Fedorov's carriage was in view again, its outline jutting out from behind a heap of timber on the wharf.
(10) Her skin was cleft with deep lines running from the jaw to the high jutting cheekbones.
(11) As he was driving away I noticed a bottle jutting from the sand near where his van had been.
(12) All were empty, but the last one disappeared around a corner, the building jutting out in that direction.
(13) Still, it's a magnificent place, perched on a great rock jutting out into the sea and with commanding views.
(14) The island is said to be the tail of the creature jutting out of the sea.
(15) His foot slipped and he grasped at a piece of jutting tile and dragged himself back to safety.
(16) In profile his face, with the long, slightly hooked nose and jutting eyebrows, was impressive.
(17) Lying amid waste land to one side of the village, there rose the jutting silhouette of a cyclopean wall.
(18) From it stretched a long, wide hallway with five flat, rectangular wings jutting to each side.
(19) So they need fresh enemies ordered up from time to time just to keep their chins jutting.
(20) He straightened in his chair, palms flat on the table, cigarette jutting from his mouth.
(21) Next door the Northern Bank was severely damaged with window frames jutting out of the cracked masonry.
(22) The fortification of Nordy Bank is on a flat promontory jutting westward from the hill.
(23) The three competing shipbuilding teams have opted for angular, low profiles without the jutting antennas and masts familiar to most vessels.
(24) They were certainly made hideous by the way their fossilized bones, complete with jutting frills, were reassembled in museums.
(25) At the centre of the face was a concave portion and Nuadu knew that the jutting bone of the nose had gone.
(26) It covered the whole of her face, shaping to its contours and jutting out with an exaggerated jawline.
(27) He was a small man with a puffed chest and a jutting chin.
(28) To Western eyes, the house looks like the Taj Mahal, its minarets jutting above a domed roof.
(29) Physically most disturbing of all was his collection of jutting and crooked teeth.
(30) Tallis watched them, then let her gaze wander along the stark crags and jutting masonry walls.
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