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Stingy in a sentence

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Synonym: cheapclosefistedmiserlyungenerousAntonym: generousSimilar words: testingpostingexistingexhaustinginterestingdistinguishstimulatingdistinguishedMeaning: ['stɪndʒɪ]  adj. 1. unwilling to spend 2. deficient in amount or quality or extent. 
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1. Don't be so stingy with the sugar!
2. He's really stingy and never buys the drinks when we go out.
3. She's too stingy to give money to charity.
4. He's very stingy about lending money.
5. Don't be so stingy with the cream!
6. Winston was not a stingy man.
7. The owners are so stingy - they've refused to pay for new carpets or even a bit of paint to brighten up the house.
8. After the death of his stingy wife, Edward loosened up a great deal.
9. Another accuses his dad of being a bit stingy.
10. He became stingy with words, and sombre.
11. They are rich, but they are terribly stingy.
12. Residents here have a history of being stingy with their tax dollars.
13. On this stingy substitute rain, the behemoth of all living things, the redwood , thrives.
14. They were too stingy to eat and too cheap to shit.
15. I was given a stingy portion of vegetables with rice.
16. See how stingy those fat hippos are: hardly anything good left!
17. Don't be so stingy! It's your turn to buy me a drink.
18. I don't know why they were so stingy with the drinks -- they have plenty of money.
19. It's no use asking him - he's too stingy to give money to charity.
20. The West is stingy with aid.
21. They wouldn't be so stingy about
22. I sometimes warm and tolerant and sometimes eventful stingy.
23. Father was stingy with his tips.
24. She tried to save money without being stingy.
25. Don't be so stingy with the butter.
26. Corporations no longer brag about their generous benefits; instead they take pride in offering stingy benefits and low wages.
27. Generally, politicians believe that central bank officials are too stingy with the money supply and too concerned about inflation.
28. They confuse popularity with wealth, and you are labelled as stingy.
29. Perhaps it should be noted that many persons will think that three ounces of cooked lean meat make a stingy portion.
30. They viewed the world through dark wrap-around shades beneath pork-pie hats or stingy brims.
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