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Muttering in a sentence

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Similar words: mutterfilteringclutterbutterflyutterancegatheringmotheringofferingMeaning: ['mʌtərɪŋ] n. 1. a low continuous indistinct sound; often accompanied by movement of the lips without the production of articulate speech 2. a complaint uttered in a low and indistinct tone. 
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1. He was in a right tizzy, muttering and swearing.
2. He was muttering away to himself.
3. For some time people had been muttering about the way she ran the department.
4. He was muttering on the telephone so I asked him to speak more clearly.
5. The darkened auditorium was filled with muttering.
6. She was staring into the fire muttering.
7. The old woman walked along the street muttering imprecations.
8. He heard muttering from the front of the crowd.
9. What are you two muttering about?
10. William went away muttering to himself.
11. He sat there shaking his head,( muttering to himself.
12. Stop muttering and speak up!
13. The old man shambled out of the room muttering to himself.
14. Sarah was muttering away to herself as she did the washing-up.
15. Helen began muttering darkly about hospitals.
16. She can hear the old woman muttering about consideration.
17. She was muttering to herself.
18. She just sat there muttering to herself.
19. Cranston snored gently like a child, muttering now and again and smacking his
20. There was muttering too in the universities about a general decline in standards of literacy and numeracy among undergraduates.
21. Hilda wandered around muttering, her already slender body now thin to transparency.
22. Some made their excuses and left, muttering about being able to hire a video any time they wanted.
23. She leaned forward to turn the volume down, muttering something over her shoulder about the neighbours.
24. The housekeeper left the room, muttering about ingratitude.
25. Mirabilis continued to stab the picture, muttering low-voiced curses, looking up at the walls where the pigeon was still standing.
26. Michael went bright red, and muttering something inaudible, he walked out of the room.
27. So he peered, leaning forward to catch a whiff of scent, listening to the man's quiet muttering.
28. A small crowd had gathered, craning their necks towards David, and muttering.
29. She began to wipe the tops down with unnecessary vigour, muttering crossly when water splashed on her dress.
30. Where possible he would seize scraps of parchment and draw lines, muttering to himself and scratching his head.
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