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Jovial in a sentence

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Synonym: gleefulgood-naturedgood-heartedgood-humoredjollyjoyfulkindlymerryAntonym: griefsorrowSimilar words: provincialmoviemovingSovietprovinceprovideproviderprovidedMeaning: ['dʒəʊvɪəl]  adj. full of or showing high-spirited merriment. 
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1. Father Whittaker appeared to be in a jovial mood.
2. He seemed a very jovial chap.
3. He was falsely jovial, with his booming, mirthless laugh.
4. When we next met, he was much more jovial.
5. Michael was in a jovial and optimistic mood.
6. He was in a jovial mood.
7. He addressed me in a jovial manner.
8. Judging by his jovial manner he must have enjoyed his meal.
9. He was working hard to seem jovial.
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10. I was appalled to hear his jovial, jocular style.
11. On this occasion he was in a jovial, even bantering mood, as I stood beside him facing the camera.
12. But Jefferson just nodded, not in his usual jovial manner, and walked off with Brian Harley.
13. Her brother, jovial Fabio Sementilli, reinvented his models with gusto while clad in a kilt.
14. He was a big, happy-go-lucky jovial chap, ever smiling and pleasant.
15. Before it he had been a loud, jovial man, given to spontaneous bursts of affection.
16. He had a round face made jovial by bright, almost boyish eyes and eyebrows ridiculously small for a man his size.
17. Jove could make jovial; but these were not gods of last resort.
18. Luigi, the fat, jovial owner, greeted Michele like an old friend.
19. He spent the morning in jovial mood as guest of honour at a sponsorship of the arts award ceremony.
20. Their locker room Monday was as jovial as any could be, especially considering their 2-4 record.
21. Gone in an instant was that jovial giant, that golden boy, that chestnut-haired youth whom everyone admired.
22. Those that did turn up enjoyed the jovial atmosphere and frantic dancing ensued, except at the home-town concert in Middleton.
23. Henry was large and jovial and partly bald, while Jimmy was small and rather lugubrious in appearance and hailed from Glasgow.
24. The jovial anchorman on the local news reaches into the pocket of his blazer and extracts a fortune cookie.
25. Today Sarah became jovial and expansive.
26. You see, while his manner towards you may have seemed jovial enough, in reality he was involved in a feud.
27. I was excited about the prospect, but quickly realised that this was not the time to share my jovial mood.
28. Major Jack Tilley warmed up the troops much in the fashion of a jovial high school principal preparing students for graduation.
29. One Lancashire grandfather's warm hospitality was more dubiously remembered: he was a very jovial man.
30. There was a sea of dinner-jacketed dignitaries and a jovial Sir Peter Ustinov as warm-up man.
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