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Inimical in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2017-02-27Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: friendlySimilar words: minimizeinimitablecomicallychemicaleconomicalclinicaleconomicallymicroscopicallyMeaning: [ɪ'nɪmɪkl]  adj. not friendly. 
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1. Excessive managerial control is inimical to creative expression.
2. These policies are inimical to the interests of society.
3. Authoritarianism is historically inimical to genuine invention.
4. It may have become inimical to our happiness.
5. Price controls are inimical to economic growth.
6. Another factor inimical to corals is prolonged emersion, but resistance to this varies with the species.
7. He argued that our existing governmental arrangements are inimical to forging a sense of fraternity.
8. Indeed, perhaps inimical to ours, in view of the hostility of such long standing between man and rat.
9. Force is inimical to the laws.
10. Lack of ambition is inimical to success.
11. His policies are inimical to academic freedom.
12. A Quaker child in an inimical New England settlement is stoned by the other children.
13. Yet many have said that government support is inimical to artistic development.
14. How to eliminate the inimical mentality of a person with the swiftest method?
15. The action of calcium as a protective agent inimical ions is not a highly specific function.
16. We rejected the former alternative on the grounds that competition can, paradoxically, sometimes be inimical to economic efficiency.
17. How could life have originated in an atmosphere which - by today's standards - seems so inimical to life?
17. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
18. The parliamentary straightjacket which the Labour Party had placed itself in was inimical to violent change.
19. She now felt herself to be like the squirrel, staring with bright inimical eyes at a sad domestic beast.
20. In my view, the arrival of a batman with a bucket of water is often inimical to romance.
21. It is alleged that party government and politics are inimical to genuine democracy.
22. This separation creates inevitable tensions between the team and the consultant, which are inimical to good multidisciplinary work.
23. Psychotic illness itself is frequently a discontinuous event and mostly inimical to organised thought.
24. We don't need it for the expansion of our race; indeed, it's inimical to orderly civilization.
25. But the form as a whole should be recognized as inimical to protestants, especially when pursued in the arena of politics.
26. I suspect that central heating and modern furniture are inimical to ghosts.
27. Does the food of liver of kidney stone, second have inimical not?
28. The South had entangled itself in a severely conservative countermythology inimical to creative effort.
29. If you eat it raw, he suggested deep dipping it in inimical vinegar.
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