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Microscopically in a sentence

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Sentence count:51Posted:2016-11-29Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: tropicaltypicallyeconomicallytypicalchemicaleconomicalbasicallylogicallyMeaning: ['maɪkrəʊ'skɑpɪlɪ /-'skɒ-]  adv. 1. by using a microscope; so as to be visible only with a microscope; as seen with a microscope 2. as if by using a microscope; with extreme precision and attention to detail; in minute detail. 
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1. The seeds are microscopically small.
2. All samples are examined microscopically.
3. The tissue is examined microscopically to rule out or confirm cancer.
4. Microscopically it is most readily distinguished from the latter by having long narrow spicules.
5. Viral infections produce mononuclear cell infiltrates microscopically.
6. Microscopically the ores are medium grained to amorphous.
6. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
7. No living organisms, large or microscopically small, inhabited it.
8. Every manuscript was edited microscopically.
9. He studied microscopically the statistics of trade.
10. This neoplasm microscopically contained mainly teratoma, but areas of embryonal carcinoma were also present.
11. Microscopically , short - term DGR can cause faveolar hyperplasia, but no apparent intestinal metaplasia and atrophy were observed.
12. Microscopically , the neoplastic cells were in ovoid or spindle and some of themhad indistinct cell borders.
13. A coronary thrombosis is seen microscopically occluding the remaining small lumen of this coronary artery.
14. Microscopically, caseous necrosis is characterized by acellular pink areas of necrosis, as seen here at the upper right, surrounded by a granulomatous inflammatory process.
15. No organisms were seen microscopically and cultures and Gram stain were negative.
16. Microscopically, there are spindle to oblong cells with hyperchromatism and pleomorphism.
17. This is normal lung microscopically. The alveolar walls are thin and delicate.
18. Tumor stage and grade were recorded by microscopically observation as histological parameters.
19. Microscopically, section of the breast shows a background of fibrocystic change.
20. Microscopically , the inner surface of fistulae showed mild disruptions, but no rupture of blood vessels was noted.
21. Microscopically, the fibrous pleural plaque is composed of dense layers of collagen.
22. Microscopically, all tumor cells revealed irregular contours, high cellularity and pleomorphism , located mainly in the dermis.
23. Microscopically, a neutrophilic exudate is seen involving the meninges at the left, with prominent dilated vessels.
24. Microscopically, every alveolus is filled with granular pink exudate in this case of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia.
25. Microscopically the cysts vary in size and are lined by cuboidal or flattened epithelial cells.
26. The larval stages occur in the gastric glands and can only be seen microscopically following processing of the gastric mucosa.
27. Another essential quality that we nowadays attribute to atoms is that they are microscopically small.
28. Here is a testicular neoplasm that is teratoma, but embryonal carcinoma and seminoma were found microscopically.
29. The irregular tan mass filling the endometrial cavity and infiltrating into the myometrium of the uterus is an endometrial adenocarcinoma, seen to be moderately differentiated microscopically.
30. This paper studied the growth states of mycelia and sclerotia for Morchella in different kinds of media, and preliminarily observed their culture characters both macroscopically and microscopically.
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