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Comically in a sentence

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Similar words: economicallyeconomicalmicroscopicallychemicallogicallybasicallytypicallyironicallyMeaning: ['kɑmɪkəlɪ] /'kɒm-]  adv. in a comical manner. 
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1. He began comically ad-libbing a script.
2. comically, poetically, rhythmically, etc.
3. She raised her eyebrows comically.
4. Keitel is badly miscast as the comically jealous husband.
5. His back looked comically enormous framed by the floral white lace of the curtains.
6. Another woman, comically strung-out, is interrupted in her jitters by a wounded man who tumbles hard through the cafe doors.
7. He was comically tall and thin with a long growth of untidy beard.
8. The display of prehistoric monsters is comically naive.
9. The tone was comically desperate.
10. After all, outside of sappy Disney movies involving comically deformed elephants, what other animal parent takes the time to give each of its newborn members its own permanent moniker?
11. Strangely -- or should we say comically -- enough, the story was denied by the comedian shortly after.
12. The vibe of Fox's family is as comically tense as it is in families from earlier films by Anderson and co-writer Noah Baumbach, but the brood soon bonds to reveal its foxiness and humanity.
13. Strangely, and comically, a concrete bunker capable of withstanding a direct hit from anything the Germans could throw at it was built for Churchill's use, and that of his wartime government.
14. Whatever its origin, it is comically ruthless, assaulting him with unlucky coincidences, coarse puns, karmic blowbacks, and punctual hoistings by his own petard.
15. As befitted an earth sign, Taurus was made of clay, a sturdy little bull comically smelling a floret of clover.
16. For a certain period Mr Sammler lad resisted such physical impressions-being wooed almost comically by momentary and fortuitous sweetness.
17. His Aunt Deborah was fun, too: her attempts and failures at matrimony were a long-running serial story, presented comically.
18. Given license to express themselves, they sculpted eccentric keystone portraits—workers with comically bandaged faces, poets, a man thumbing his nose at his neighbors—and fanciful grotesques.
19. Disfluent fonts, the ones people tend to laugh off, fonts that are comically ugly(, they tend to be the best for learning and for memory.
20. I have my own views on this, and some of them are upbeat, but they’re hard to summarize without sounding comically cosmic.
21. Within minutes we left the last human developments behind us, and we rolled for hours that first evening past desert scrub of acacia and gum trees and comically steepled termite hills.
22. I remember a warm voice, expressive eyes, and bushy eyebrows that wiggled comically at a pun or a joke.
23. During the demonstration and after police warned the protesters they were breaking the law, they became almost comically well-mannered.
24. EVERYBODY has his own tale of terrible translation to tell — an incomprehensible restaurant menu in Croatia,[] a comically illiterate warning sign on a French beach.
25. On Saturday, they giggled at a Michael Jackson imitator wearing headphones and doing a comically poor imitation of the artist, seemingly for himself.
26. Although the water wars and the government response have a comically absurd quality, the recent tension shows how fearful the regime is of its young.
27. SO PREDICTABLE was the result of the recent general election in Ethiopia that the announcement that Meles Zenawi , the prime minister, had been returned to office seemed almost comically triumphant.
28. There are also variants of the drink that mix the two syrups; these are sometimes referred to as " Zebras", also, more comically refered to as "Tuxedo Mocha".
29. Eventually one of the bears managed to shove his brother off the end of the log, leaving him clinging on comically.
30. It has recently begun hiring 300 temporary workers to make fixes on its sometimes comically incorrect maps.
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