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Inferential in a sentence

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Similar words: deferentialpreferentialdeferentiallydifferentiateinferenceinfluentialconferencepress conferenceMeaning: [‚ɪnfə'renʃl]  adj. 1. relating to or having the nature of illation or inference 2. of reasoning; proceeding from general premisses to a necessary and specific conclusion 3. resembling or dependent on or arrived at by inference 4. derived or capable of being derived by inference 5. based on interpretation; not directly expressed. 
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1. Good psychobiology, using the inferential approach, requires good psychology.
2. But there is inferential evidence for the early adoption of family planning.
3. Even if we attribute unconscious inferential aptitudes to them, they do not seem to have the data requisite for an inference to someone else's amorousness or anger.
4. It can give an objective account of the inferential nature of human communication.
5. The inferential process of the fault diagnosis in the neural network is explained with an example of controlling coaling of decomposing furnace expert system.
6. The inferential nature of human communication determines that proper language interpretation (translation) should be context-dependent.
7. In the case of an inferential PDS, the collector executes and measures the underlying action.
8. A new cascade nonlinear inferential control strategy for a nonadiabatic fixed bed reactor based on improved hybrid model is proposed.
9. Finally, people like to stereotype. This is an inferential process based on limited data.
10. This paper is an attempt to give inferential reasoning and solution to thin film vibration equation.
11. A new inferential method for inverse kinematics equation of revolute joint pneumatic manipulators was presented, and efficient solution of inverse kinematics problem was also given.
12. The validity of inferential form is the key conception of logic.
13. The first phase of the research examines the extent to which differences in memory and inferential skills contribute to comprehension difficulties.
14. This paper, on the basis of the relevance theory, tries to design an inferential model, aiming to describe the mental faculty of the translator in the process of comprehending original works.
15. This paper focuses on the effects of tacit knowledge in the "Ostensive inferential Communication Model".
16. From the cognitive perspective, Relevance Theory puts forward "Ostensive Inferential Communication Model", explaining the nature,[sentencedict .com] mental process and contextual effects of language communication.
17. The bottom tray usually is not the best place to make an inferential measurement of composition.
18. Owing to the utilization of the formalized method, logical calculus is more abstract and strict than the traditional logic in the study of the valid inferential form.
19. According to Relevance Theory, reading comprehension is an ostensive - inferential and dynamic process.
20. Thesecond chapter introduced semantic network model theory in detail based on ontology, including model structure, knowledge expression and inferential mechanism.
21. Assigning frequencies to the classifications is an aid in understanding patterns, this does not make it a quantitative, inferential statistical procedure.
22. In this paradigm, translating is both a relevance - seeking, ostensive - inferential process and a dynamically - adjusting process.
23. In this article I will focus on data collected using a nominal scale of measurement and the inferential techniques appropriate for nominal data.
24. On the other hand, in different cognitive contexts, each of them poses different semantic constraints on ostensive inferential communication.
25. This paper presents an intelligent point temperature scanning - monitoring system based on the fuzzy - inferential decision.
26. Relevance Theory holds that verbal communication is an ostensive-inferential process and involves the code model and inferential model.
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