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Inductive in a sentence

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Sentence count:206Posted:2017-02-08Updated:2017-02-08
Antonym: deductiveSimilar words: deductiveproductivereproductiveproductivitydestructiveconstructivevindictiveconductMeaning: [ɪn'dʌktɪv]  adj. 1. arising from inductance 2. of reasoning; proceeding from particular facts to a general conclusion 3. inducing or influencing; leading on. 
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181. Objective: To evaluate the inductive effect of rat tooth apical papilla to enamel organ.
182. The issue of the rationality of inductive inference was first raised by David Hume, so it is also called "Humes problem".
183. Inductive reactance is associated with the varying magnetic field that surrounds a wire or a coil carrying a current.
184. Owing to the lacking of inductive lightning protection facility, some lightning disturbance has been occurred in the Hongqiao international airport fuel storage house.
185. In this paper, the clinical effect of Tripterygium wilfordii treatment of psoriasis, experimental studies, toxicity studies in areas such as inductive set.
186. The thought pattern of I Ching : Book Of Changes is analogism rather than inductive inference.
187. Monotonic effect and non-monotonic effect are both the explanations and theoretical sources of the models of inductive reasoning.
188. Instrument compressors with microphones, pressure transducers, inductive transducers for displacement, laser, etc.
189. Originally, mathematicians used inductive reasoning to develop geometry and other mathematical systems to solve problems in their everyday lives.
190. Bacon appears not to have known of the work of Vesalius, the pioneer of modern anatomy, or of Gilbert, whose work on magnetism brilliantly illustrated inductive method.
191. Good language learners make notes and categorise language. They also use inductive learning extensively.
192. Inductive shunt peaking with active inductors is used to increase the speed of the IC.
193. Crosstalk is the transfer of energy between adjacent circuit conductors, via capacitive and inductive coupling.
194. A starting device and its method can be used in inductive circuit such as motor to decrease instantaneous current produced when inductive circuit being started.
195. Based on the introduction of the above-mentioned problem, the author from the angle of theory and practice combination, delves into the rationality of the inductive inference.
196. In all learning paradigms there is an interplay between inductive, abductive and deductive principles.
197. The vehicle detection is based on the roadway, which sets two virtual lines, like the inductive loop sensor, to detect their traffic flow parameters.
198. AI 21 century logic common sense inference inductive logic intentional logic logic of natural language.
199. The inductive lightning strike mainly effect the temperature factor effect others.
200. After analyzing several theory models of inductive reasoning, we use the Bayes Theorem to prove the premise probability principle, and integrate this theory with human mental process.
201. At the initial stage, the pitting cores are formed and the passive film is repaired continuously, which results in the inductive component in the electrochemical impendence spectrum.
202. It has six departments: casting metal - processing, polishing, electroplate, inductive electron and assembling department.
203. Based on the analysis method of the simple intrinsically safe inductive circuit and its discharge current waveform, studied on the intrinsically safe performance of communication and signal cable.
203. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
204. He emphasized the use of inductive reasoning in the pursuit of knowledge.
205. This is the process of inductive reasoning, which moves from particular observation to general conclusions.
206. Other measurement considerations, including dry circuit testing and testing inductive devices, are also described.
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