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Ductile in a sentence

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Sentence count:155Posted:2016-12-12Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: malleablepliableplianttensiletractileSimilar words: reductiondeductiveproductiveproductionproductivityintroductiontileabductMeaning: ['dʌktaɪl]  adj. 1. easily influenced 2. capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out. 
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1. Many metals are malleable and ductile.
2. Ductile substances are capable of considerable smooth, continuous deformation before they break.
3. The amount of shearing or elongation which a ductile material will withstand varies enormously between different metals and alloys.
4. This is what makes ductile metals so safe and tough and so popular.
5. Whether it is of constant length or is ductile will affect both the area and the shape.
6. The fractograph exhibited typical ductile dimple fracture pattern.
7. Main casting products: ductile iron and gray iron.
8. It is iron-gray and fairly soft and ductile.
9. Ductile iron, flame hardening, alloy iron direct hardfacing.
10. Ductile iron piping is used for external underground. The pipe should be spigot socket joint connected.
11. Cadmium is a lustrous, silver - white, ductile, very malleable metal.
12. The development and applications of ductile beryllium bronze material as well as the trend of replacing the alloy by other new alloys are reviewed.
13. The mechanics condition of ductile fracture of pressure vessel materials and their relations to the fracture criteria were investigated based on the micromechanics.
14. For the more exacting uses, such as machinery, we generally tend to choose ductile metals.
15. Rapid cooling between 22 and 20Myr reflects both uplift during ductile phases of extensional deformation and ambient cooling of the granitic intrusions.
16. A malleable metal can be beaten into a sheet whereas a ductile metal can be drawn out into a wire.
16. Wish you will love and make progress everyday!
17. Glass that is near room temperature is a familiar brittle material, and modeling clay is obviously ductile.
18. This paper presents the process of getting the qualified molten iron through melting scrap, carburant and moderate cast pig iron, which offers a new way for producing ductile iron.
19. The effect, methods and precautions purified the molten gray iron, ductile iron and steel was introduced.
20. This has introduced the casting process of thick section ductile iron mould with high strength.
21. The valve body and disc of valve shall be made of ductile cast iron.
22. This paper considers that Aerjin Mountain strike-slip fault structure is a huge tectonic zone with the property of left active anticlockwise and thrust nappes and ductile shear zone.
23. In transient crack zone, the SEM fractographs of base metal consisted of equal-axis ductile voids, the fusion zone was mainly consisted of course transgranular cleavage facets.
24. The deformational metamorphic evolution of the three types of the ductile shear zones reflects the main reworking during the uplift processes of the deep crustal high grade metamorphic complex.
25. The properties of cores in the casts are enhanced when using this nodulizer in the key ductile iron casts , such as cooling wall of blast furnace and roller.
26. Therefore ore controlling mechanism of Sidaogou gold deposit includes Au mobilization, migration passages and accumulation spaces controlled by ductile shearing.
27. The metallocene is summarized as strata, lithology, structure, and especially brittle - ductile shear zone.
28. Then water plasticization was the leading role. It made the material ductile and increased the impact strength.
29. A series of small shear zones, which are parallel to the main deformation belt, are formed in the foot wall, while in the hanging wall ductile brittle normal faults are popular.
30. Stems shall be of dezincification-resistant silicon bronze ASTM B 371 or low-zinc alloy B 99, non-asbestos packing and malleable or ductile iron handwheel.
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