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Protective in a sentence

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Synonym: caringprotectiveSimilar words: protectionenvironmental protectiondetectiveobjectiveproductiveperspectivecollectiveeffectivelyMeaning: [prə'tektə]  adj. 1. intended or adapted to afford protection of some kind 2. showing a care 3. (usually followed by `of') solicitously caring or mindful. 
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1. Ozone forms a protective layer between 12 and 30 miles above the Earth's surface.
2. Sunscreen provides a protective layer against the sun's harmful rays.
3. The lionesses are fiercely protective of their young.
4. I feel very protective of you.
5. Lab workers must wear protective clothing.
6. All exposed skin should be covered with protective cream.
7. We feel safe with a protective device in the house.
8. Workers should wear full protective clothing .
9. She had built up a protective shell of indifference around herself.
10. British industry was sheltered from foreign competition by protective tariffs.
11. Workers who handle asbestos need to wear protective clothing.
12. With protective gear on you can spar with a partner.
13. a bare hillside. Naked can mean 'without a protective covering':a naked sword.
14. Monkeys do not have any kind of protective armour and use their brains to solve problems.
15. The ship had been heavily plated with protective sheets.
16. A dog's protective instincts are manifested in increased alertness.
17. He is very protective towards his mother.
18. She's fiercely protective of the man she married 29 years ago.
19. The new law is aimed at strengthening protective measures for workers.
20. The land loses its protective cover of vegetation and soon turns into desert.
21. Sensitive Cream will not strip away the skin's protective layer.
22. The armadillo has a protective shell of bony plates.
23. He was extremely protective of his role as advisor.
24. She's too protective towards her children; she should let them be more independent.
25. Protective helmets must be worn on site.
26. The paramount duty of Congress is to stop deficiencies by the restoration of that protective legislation which has always been the firmst prop of the Treasury. 
27. En-vironmentalists regard these moves as the government taking advantage of the national mood to roll back protective measures.
28. They might be doing me a good turn if they took me into protective custody.
29. People who work with furnaces in a steel factory need to wear protective clothing.
30. Can't you get it into your head that it is dangerous to ride a motorbike without wearing protective clothing?
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