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Pipe in a sentence

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Synonym: hosereedtubeSimilar words: wiperecipewipe outMeaning: [paɪp] n. 1. a tube with a small bowl at one end; used for smoking tobacco 2. a long tube made of metal or plastic that is used to carry water or oil or gas etc. 3. a hollow cylindrical shape 4. a small fipple flute that is played with the left hand while the right hand is free to beat a tabor 5. the flues and stops on a pipe organ 6. a wind instrument; the player blows air into a bag and squeezes it out through the instrument. v. 1. utter a shrill cry 2. transport by pipeline 3. play on a pipe 4. trim with piping. 
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1, The fowler’s pipe sounds sweet until the bird is caught. 
2, No longer pipe, no longer dance. 
3, We had to force the pipe down a narrow hole to get it through.
4, The tail exhaust pipe of the motor vehicle emitted poisonous smoke.
5, Water gushed from the broken pipe.
6, When the end of the pipe was opened,the water flowed in.
7, The steam sang as it escaped from the pipe.
8, Water spurted from the broken pipe.
9, I nearly suffocated when the pipe of my breathing apparatus came adrift.
10, Water was jetting profusely from the pipe.
11, The explosion was caused by a burst gas pipe.
12, Water was leaking from the pipe.
13, I unlocked the water pipe and the water drained out.
14, I can't reach into the pipe — it's too narrow.
15, I love to hear the boys pipe up in church.
16, Water gushed out of the pipe.
17, He kept his pipe clamped between his teeth.
18, Don't let the wire rub up against the pipe.
19, When the water pipe burst,( she had the intelligence to turn off the water at the main.
20, The outlet of a water pipe was blocked.
21, The pipe splays at one end.
22, There must be a kink in the pipe.
23, The workmen dug a hole, mended the pipe, and then filled the hole in again.
24, The water flows along a pipe to our houses.
25, He filled the bowl of his pipe with tobacco.
26, The old peasant was puffing at his pipe.
27, Copper pipe is sold in lengths.
28, Join the two sections of pipe together.
29, You should never join an electric wire to a water pipe.
30, Pipe smokers sometimes wear down the tips of their teeth where they grip their pipes.
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