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Reproduction in a sentence

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Synonym: breedingfacts of lifeprocreationreplicareplicationreproductive memorySimilar words: productionintroductionproductiveproductivityproductreductionabductionproduceMeaning: [‚rɪːprə'dʌkʃn] n. 1. the process of generating offspring 2. recall that is hypothesized to work by storing the original stimulus input and reproducing it during recall 3. copy that is not the original; something that has been copied 4. the act of making copies 5. the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring. 
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1. Using a wide tape gives better quality sound reproduction.
2. Bacterial reproduction is accelerated in weightless space.
3. The deck represents the cutting edge in CD reproduction.
4. The reproduction and growth of the cancerous cells can be suppressed by bombarding them with radiation.
5. We had to retool for enlarging reproduction.
6. They are studying reproduction in shellfish.
7. He can distinguish a genuine antique from a reproduction.
8. Scientists studied the reproduction, diet, and health of the dolphins.
9. The quality of a photographic reproduction decreases with time.
10. Sexual reproduction serves to create genetic variety.
11. Is that painting an original or a reproduction?
12. The craftsmen have ensured faithful reproduction of the original painting.
13. In human reproduction,one female egg is usually fertilized by one spunk.
14. Unauthorized reproduction of this publication is strictly forbidden.
15. Compact disc recordings give excellent sound reproduction.
16. Insects possess a biological clock that programmes the insect's growth,reproduction and dormant periods.
17. In human reproduction, one female egg is usually fertilized by one sperm.
18. We are researching reproduction in elephants/the reproduction of elephants.
19. Digital recording gives excellent sound reproduction.
20. We have been able to divorce sex from reproduction.
21. This system has excellent sound reproduction.
22. There are, however, several other methods of reproduction practised by various protozoans on occasions.
23. The store sells a range of reproduction furniture in Colonial style.
24. In this interpretation rights to the reproduction of derivative works of art rest with the printer.
25. One of these methods of vegetative reproduction is typical for some species; others utilize both methods mentioned above.
25. is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words.
26. Thus, negative expanded reproduction runs parallel to the accumulation of paper values.
27. She argued that Marx's schema of reproduction became unbalanced if one assumed such an increase in the organic composition of capital.
28. Genes are those tiny bits of biological information swapped in sexual reproduction.
29. Use a black pen on white paper to ensure good reproduction.
30. Bukharin was not one of those who neglected the material aspects of the reproduction schemata.
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