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Vindictive in a sentence

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Synonym: avengingrevengefulAntonym: forgivingSimilar words: indicativevindicatevindicationindicateindicatorindicationpredictiondictionaryMeaning: [vɪn'dɪktɪv]  adj. 1. disposed to seek revenge or intended for revenge 2. showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite. 
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1. He accused her of being vindictive.
2. I have no vindictive feelings about it.
3. She was vindictive, vulgar; she wanted to hurt him.
4. Humans are specialized in vindictive behavior.
5. Doug could be nasty and vindictive when he was drinking.
6. What vindictive irony, to force Digby to sacrifice his entire career in transport over a railways announcement!
7. People will become more envious, more mistrustful, more vindictive.
8. A conservative columnist, George Will, provides a more vindictive answer.
9. After the divorce Joan's ex-husband became increasingly vindictive.
10. A vindictive, cruel policy of repression also maimed the economy.
11. He's not a vindictive person.
12. I am passionate, but not vindictive.
12. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
13. She understands all she wants to. Vindictive too.
14. How can you be so vindictive?
15. The children were silent, hostile, vindictive, continuously complaining of hunger.
16. The employer often takes vindictive acts on the tipster who reports the employer's violation of laws and regulations to the labor administrative departments.
17. In the darkness, the machine gun spat a vindictive white light like an acetylene torch.
18. A vindictive man will look for occasions for resentment.
19. His action was unwarranted, picayune, and vindictive.
20. He was "a sullen, self-willed, haughty, vindictive man; wanting the religious element in his character, and defiant even in his attitude towards God.
21. It is not true suffering ennobles the character; happiness does that sometimes, but suffering, for the most part, makes men petty and vindictive
22. I don't like Kevin — he's got a nasty vindictive streak in him.
23. In the film 'Cape Fear', a lawyer's family is threatened by a vindictive former prisoner.
24. Accurately, though unfairly, contemporary critics of the Futurists denounced them with the vindictive labels: photographic, cinematic.
25. He never destroyed a witch simply on the say-so of vindictive enemies.
26. Depriving our police force of a cup of tea is astronomically vindictive and silly.
27. She's always trying to make trouble for me, because she's nothing but a jealous, vindictive old woman.
28. I was sorely tempted to show him the way to the phone booth, but I am not a vindictive man.
29. The author think, say dirty word, fight, cheat behavior, and vindictive gang fight are most common and most serious deviation behaviors in junior school students.
30. The world does not hate for no reason, because vindictive heart, is doing a bad person.
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