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Deductive in a sentence

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Sentence count:94Posted:2016-10-05Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: inductiveSimilar words: productiveproductivityreductionproductionintroductionactiveactivelysubjectiveMeaning: [-tɪv]  adj. 1. relating to logical deduction 2. involving inferences from general principles. 
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1. Concrete operational children, lacking fully developed deductive reasoning about hypothetical situations, can not solve problems in this form.
2. The results for both tasks indicated that deductive markers were frequently omitted by all age groups, including the adults.
3. In the deductive/empirical experiment, each child received either a questions task or a sentence completion task.
4. Five-year-olds did not show much understanding of the deductive/empirical distinction at all, even in the deductive marking experiment.
5. A study of deductive reasoning constitutes the discipline of logic.
6. It results from a process of logical, deductive reasoning, unsullied by personal feelings or practicalities.
7. An engaging blend of poetic characterization and deductive reasoning, it was delivered for the most part in a weary monotone.
8. This process is in many ways analogous to deductive reasoning.
9. Even so the qualification has been imposed by deductive reasoning.
10. It is a short deductive step to equate the pillar with the goddess Potnia or the Mistress of Animals.
11. In order to handle deductive mode explanations,( children require various cognitive and linguistic abilities.
12. Inferences or conclusions based on deductive reasoning are necessarily true only if the premises they are derived from are true.
13. Consider simple example of the power of deductive reasoning in ethics.
14. This supplements the consideration of deductive and logical abilities measured by the traditional convergent questions for which there are unique correct answers.
15. Context: The Pythagorean Theorem was proved using deductive reasoning.
16. Bell was good at deductive reasoning to diagnose disease.
17. Lacking modern lab techniques[], Fitzgerald must use deductive reasoning.
18. Natural interpretation's inference coursing is deductive inference of syllogism.
19. The result calculated by the deductive method is wrong.
20. The model for deductive theory is the propositional calculus.
21. Thus it may be that children are not accustomed to relying on purely linguistic cues to the deductive mode.
22. They have to be able to distinguish between the empirical and deductive modes.
23. The kind of reasoning involved in derivations of this kind is called deductive reasoning.
24. The five-year-olds were less prolific than the other groups in producing either deductive markers or causal connectives.
25. He was sometimes irritated by what he saw as Blanche's deductive ramblings, her obsession with the power of reason.
26. Before doing so, a little will be said of the character of logic and deductive reasoning.
27. There were, said the professor, two kinds of science, inductive and deductive.
28. Of course they did not produce an abstract treatise on Freedom, in which they laid out principles of action in deductive orderliness.
29. For those who like solving murder mysteries, however, this is one that will challenge your deductive abilities.
30. Research way in which this literary grace combines with deductive method with induction.
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