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Indicative in a sentence

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Synonym: common mooddeclarativedeclarative moodfact moodindicative moodindicatoryrevelatorysignificativesuggestiveSimilar words: indicationvindicationindicatevindicateindicatormedicationratificationgratificationMeaning: [ɪn'dɪkətɪv]  n. a mood (grammatically unmarked) that represents the act or state as an objective fact. adj. 1. relating to the mood of verbs that is used simple declarative statements 2. (usually followed by `of') pointing out or revealing clearly. 
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(1) Her gesture was indicative of contempt.
(2) His presence is indicative of his willingness to help.
(3) Is a large head indicative of high intelligence?
(4) Is a high forehead indicative of great mental power?
(5) The rise in unemployment is seen as indicative of a new economic recession.
(6) Recurrent dreams are not necessarily indicative of psychological problems.
(7) Use the indicative mood to make a sentence.
(8) The result was indicative of a strong retail market.
(9) Their failure to act is indicative of their lack of interest/indicative that they have no interest in the problem.
(10) Resumption of the talks is indicative of an improving relationship between the countries.
(11) This behaviour is indicative of her whole attitude(, I'm afraid.
(12) His presence is indicative of his wish to join us.
(13) Their failure to act is indicative of their lack of interest.
(14) His presence is indicative of his interest in our plan.
(15) Scalise himself is indicative of the changes at Apple.
(16) They are not indicative of underlying pathology.
(17) Yesterday's win was indicative of the U.S. team's talent.
(18) Such apathy is indicative of the generally low emphasis and under-investment in health education and preventive medicine in Britain.
(19) This is interpreted as being indicative of the different functions which are served by comprehension and production with increasing age.
(20) Such actions may be indicative of a climate of fear, or of caution, or of simply teaching to the test.
(21) In rested subjects alpha rhythm is indicative of low arousal, but sleep-deprived subjects commonly only achieve this level of arousal at best.
(22) It can be indicative of full maturity of the follower, now left to run his own activities without supervision.
(23) There are three kinds of mood in English: the indicative mood, the imperative mood and the subjunctive mood.
(24) In 'Ben likes school', the verb 'like' is in the indicative.
(25) These are conditions said by doctors to be strongly indicative of heart failure.
(26) While this is not measuring the effectiveness of the advertising, merely memory of it, it is possibly indicative.
(27) But he was unconcerned about the bite and thought the tingling pain was more indicative of a urine infection than shingles.
(28) While it is significant as a response to globalization, increased co-operation, is not necessarily indicative of integration.
(29) Thus the techniques used to manufacture and decorate an object are indicative of its authenticity.
(30) The rapid changes at the Interior Ministry were seen as indicative of tribal and political rivalries within the government.
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