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Increment in a sentence

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Synonym: growthincreaseSimilar words: incrementalretirementmeasurementrequirementcommencementtremendouselementamusementMeaning: ['ɪnkrɪmənt]  n. 1. a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important 2. the amount by which something increases. 
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1. The average yearly increment in labour productivity in industry was 4.5 per cent.
2. Many teachers qualify for an annual increment.
3. The contract includes a salary increment every six months.
4. The yield of satisfactions from a marginal increment in the supply is small.
5. The total annual increment can take anything from 1 to 5 months for completion.
6. Here the increment in individual risk from a slight increase in contact rate is negligible, assuming the individual acts alone.
7. Typical instructions in this class increment or decrement an accumulator; here the implied value is plus or minus one.
8. The value of this annual increment of rich topsoil can hardly be exaggerated.
9. An increment is a small step from the existing position.
10. However, you do not receive an increment for any week when you or a dependant are receiving another national insurance benefit.
11. The allocation of the increment becomes the key decision. 2.
12. Backward compatible changes cause the number to increment.
13. Secondly,( the introduction of land value increment tax.
14. The second form is a postfix increment operation.
15. The first form is a prefix increment operation.
16. Explain the difference between prefix and postfix increment.
17. It meets the developing needs of telecom increment operation for the future, because of the characteristics of flexibility, maneuverability, security, and data integrality.
18. The analogy between internal friction increment and overstress due to strain-rate sensitivity is clarified.
19. The model increment annexation algorithm was devised to annex the incremental model onto primary geometric model at the client to form the modified collaborative CAD model.
20. They are also counting on $ 10 million in tax increment financing via the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.
21. Thus we may be able to initiate an instruction fetch from store and increment the program counter in one micro-instruction.
22. The President, however[], makes it clear that there will be no increment in federal funds.
23. Calibration is done insitu using a chopped laser beam to provide a known heat increment.
24. They also count on $ 10 million in tax increment financing via the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.
25. The larger the stock, the less the satisfactions from an increment.
26. Your starting salary will be £9,954 and your first increment will be payable 6 months from your date of commencement.
27. It is therefore impossible to predict with certainty what amount of supplementation will result in what increment in the serum phosphate concentration.
28. A change in body weight with ageing may be partly the result of an increment in fat mass.
29. Experimental results show the typical characteristics of soil liquefaction: excess static pore-water pressure increases, effective stress decreases, and volumetric strain increment increases.
30. There was a power relationship between ephemeral gully relative increment sediment yield caused by up-slope runoff and relative increment of the stream power and shearing force.
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