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Immobility in a sentence

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Sentence count:22Posted:2017-03-02Updated:2017-03-02
Similar words: immobilizemobilityabilityviabilityliabilityinabilitystabilitycapabilityMeaning: [ɪ‚məʊ'bɪlətɪ]  n. 1. remaining in place 2. the quality of not moving. 
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1 Again, the pain locked me into immobility.
2 Hyde maintained the rigid immobility of his shoulders.
3 Victims lay wasting away, yet heavy in their immobility.
4 In a split second of surprised immobility, Grant saw the deadly muzzle come to bear on him.
5 Little wonder patients held captive by their immobility were fearful.
6 Then they break out of this immobility into a frenzy of activity.
7 The immobility of the Far East, its extraordinary fidelity to its own ways,( was partly the result of internal factors.
8 NEW point of immobility in the stars.
9 What causes the risk is immobility.
10 This decentralized economic system relied on the legal immobility of the serf.
11 Standing in immobility, the child seemed to make a silent protest.
12 Risk factors for development of pressure ulcers include immobility, incontinence, and nutritional deficits.
13 This natural protective reaction needs to be discouraged after surgery to avoid the complications of immobility.
14 Her feet were lodged in wide black-barred shoes and in their immobility gave the impression of being clamped to the carpet.
15 It was suggested that the injury of laryngeal nerve should be considered to be the cause of vocal cord immobility following endotracheal intubation besides cricoarytenoid joint dislocation.
16 The effects of different component of base solution, temperature, the height of Hg, Ei, the scan rate, the immobility time,( the stabilization time were tested Study the reaction mechanism.
17 Multiple sclerosis occurs when the body launches an immune system attack against itself, destroying the myelin sheath and leading to immobility among sufferers.
18 Al would come back stronger than before, using his forced immobility to work out with weights.
19 The present commercial pattern is evolving the new pattern which immobility and Internet serves.
20 The thought and locution clarify the relation between Tao and society, Tao and material, Tao and the beings by rebelling in activity and rebelling in immobility .
21 It is a tragedy for an 80-year-old to spend life’s remainder as an aphasic hemiplegic. The tragedy grows when a young man looks towards decades of mute immobility.
22 There was a very important influence that Ke - jutest gave china which promoted immobility among stratums.
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