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Gory in a sentence

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Synonym: bloodySimilar words: allegorycategorygorgevigorgorillarigorousvigorousdisgorgeMeaning: ['gɔːrɪ]  adj. 1. covered with blood 2. accompanied by bloodshed. 
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1. I shuddered when I heard the gory details.
2. Spare us the gory details.
3. Come on, I want to know all the gory details about your date with Jon.
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4. Come on, I want to hear all the gory details.
5. He insisted on telling us all the gory details about their divorce .
6. Not less dramatic, but less gory.
7. The book's descriptions of the killings were unbelievably gory.
8. The regiment halted amidst a gory, ghastly scene.
9. Log on and get the gory details.
10. It is, at times, too gory for kids.
11. It even gets a touch gory when Russell comes over all Rambo and starts slitting throats.
12. The children loved the ship and gory details of life aboard.
13. I went to a gory pile of dead human forms in every kind of stiff contortion.
14. Now with broken arm and gory leg he sits sighing and weeping with pain.
15. She returned to her gory work, which had become less disturbing than her conversations with von Stein.
16. Gory, gory a hell of a way to die.
17. I'm terribly squeamish. I can't bear gory films.
18. Yes, but some of the scenes were too gory.
19. As the gory details are in the manual page.
20. Spare me the gory details.
21. Most users don't need to see the gory details.
22. Flux_Diii. net : it's very gory . I was quite impressed with the mood and theme and horror elements, esp in the starting tristram area.
23. And they came from behind to win that gory fight.
24. The newspaper account of the accident gave all the gory details.
25. Forget the stories about chivalrous knights and the clash of arms - it was one gory, blood-spattered mess.
26. It is like a simmering volcano that occasionally throws up spurts of gory violence.
27. He had his friend grab the dead man by the hair and raise the gory head off the ground, brains dripping.
28. Denice lets out little yelps of laughter at the occasional humorous moments and squirms and groans during the gory bits.
29. However, 44% of you feel that these reports should leave the gory details out and 39% feel they encourage copycat crimes.
30. Taking the reader into the action , the story is shot through with vivid, even gory detail.
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