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Implosion in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-03-28Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: explosionexplosiveimploreimplodeimploringimploringlyerosioncorrosionMeaning: [ɪm'pləʊʒn]  n. 1. a sudden inward collapse 2. the initial occluded phase of a stop consonant. 
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1. The implosion of the Soviet regimes and the ensuing collapse of state capitalism caused great suffering to women.
2. But the movement's implosion is nevertheless astonishing.
3. The population explosion is accompanied by a population implosion.
4. "Wall Street caused the implosion in the first place and is getting away Scot-free while workers, transit workers, everybody, is forced to pay for their excesses, " he explained.
5. A year on, the threat of implosion of another prime broker has receded.
6. Mr. Fox was devastated by the implosion of Bear Stearns and the financial hit he was likely to face, says Fred Philippi, his longtime companion.
7. It'said the implosion had the power of the atom bomb the US dropped on Nagasaki.
8. But any is preferable to the implosion of the euro zone.
9. The cause of implosion, including the variations during MFT and the influence of draft fan mal-operation, was analyzed in detail on the foundation of furnace balance theory.
10. If not prudent, he could trigger an implosion of all pent-up conflicts.
11. In the indirect driven implosion, the scattering laser from the hohlraum wall will partially irradiate on the capsule and influence its implosion.
12. The radiation-driven implosion asymmetry can be obviously improved using time-modulation of radiation temperature source .
13. In the years following the real estate implosion,( foreign purchases have been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise gloomy market.
14. But no more; after the extraordinary self-induced implosion of the financial system, the future of the market system now rests in the hands of governments.
15. It is covered with enlarged images of the explosion, the rescue efforts and the implosion.
16. Blake was thrown down with the force of the implosion. Fire raged all around him.
17. The neutron streak image tube also can be used to determine the temperature of the plasma of the implosion of DT-filled targets by measuring the Doppler broadening.
18. The a-particle image reflect the direct information about laser radiation symmetry and uniformly, implosion compression ratio, etc.Sentencedict
19. The brutal, unplanned reshaping of Wall Street might be better described as the Big Implosion.
20. Today, our worries have turned around : the prospect of a population implosion haunts our future.
21. He believes that Japan still has plenty of room to avoid a fiscal implosion.
22. Conventional TCP/IP network suffers some problems, such as simplex services, source address spoofing and implosion of negative acknowledgement in multicast, in the course of its development.
23. In the dependable information diffusion process, epidemic - style protocol has the problem of retransmission implosion.
24. The sub- keV X-ray spectrum from source region and implosion region were measured by two sub- keV X-ray energy spectrometers respectively through laser incidence hole and diagnostic hole.
25. The longer - term consequences of a North Korean implosion are also unwelcome to Beijing.
26. The auto - acceleration effect ( gel - effect ) had been analysed to propose the solution to the implosion of reaction.
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