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Impermeable in a sentence

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Sentence count:49Posted:2016-11-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: impeccablebe able toagreeablechangeableunchangeableinterminableimpalpableimplacableMeaning: [ɪm'pɜrmɪəbl /-'pɜːm-]  adj. preventing especially liquids to pass or diffuse through. 
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1. No paint is impermeable to water vapour.
2. The canoe is made from an impermeable wood.
3. These and similar rocks are impermeable.
4. Water cannot easily flow in these impermeable rocks.
5. Incidentally, cavity wall insulation should be impermeable to water vapour, or interstitial condensation can occur.
6. The layer of clay acts as an impermeable barrier against some chemicals.
7. The aquifer has no shield of impermeable clay and the proposed artificial barriers would not guarantee success.
8. Kim created an impermeable and absolutist state that many have compared to a religious cult.
9. With its steep sides, flat impermeable rock floor and narrow bottle-neck shape, it was an ideal site for a reservoir.
10. The passage became absolutely impermeable.
11. Thus clays and shales tend to be impermeable.
12. A usually impermeable substance used for caulking.
13. He surrounded himself with an impermeable wall of secretaries, personal assistants and yes - men.
14. That makes them water - impermeable, adding a huge amount of buoyancy.
15. Fluid pressure , flux, leaky and impermeable boundary conditions may be prescribed.
16. The impermeable layer has aged, we must find someone to repair it.
17. The impermeable wall which is rational designed will improve the seepage state of levee projects effectively.
18. It was in a shrink-wrap cellophane coating, and the seal was impermeable.
19. Otherwise it will yield little or no water from the impermeable confining layer.
20. The quick deposition of these sediments resulted in clay compaction and the isolation of porous and permeable sand with impermeable shales.
21. But the odds are that even those women who appear impermeable to pain are suffering great hurt behind their face-saving pose.
22. As another exam-ple, the border between deciduous forest and wildflower prairie in the midwest is remarkably impermeable.
22. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
23. Also, large quantities of free gas or other hydrocarbons can be trapped beneath impermeable gas hydrate layers.
24. In the absence of antidiuretic hormone, the distal tubule and collecting duct are impermeable to water.
25. The nature AMPA receptor is normally Ca ~ ( 2 + ) impermeable due to the expression of GluR 2 subunit.
26. What is cancer? Cancer is a cellular structure whose cell wall has become impermeable.
27. Two times experiments of dosage reduction of methyl bromide(MB) and covering virtually impermeable film(VIF) were carried out in Qingzhou city(Shandong province, China) from 2001 to 2003 year.
28. Suberin A fatty acid polyester produced in the walls of the endodermis and in bark, where it renders the tissue impermeable to water and resistant to decay.
29. The level to Canadian and France's is about 0.82 hole in 11 single impermeable liner landfills.
30. Two fluid transport laws corresponding to isotropic and anisotropic permeability are available. The fluid-flow null model is also provided to specify impermeable materials in the flow domain.
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