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Permissible in a sentence

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Sentence count:119+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-11-07Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: allowableSimilar words: permissionpossibleaccessibleas soon as possiblemissingmissionmissilevisibleMeaning: [pər'mɪsəbl /pə'm-]  adj. 1. that may be permitted especially as according to rule 2. that may be accepted or conceded. 
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(1) Is smoking permissible in the theatre?
(2) Delay is not permissible, even for a single day.
(3) Religious practices are permissible under the Constitution.
(4) This is perfectly permissible under the new regulations.
(5) It is not permissible for employers to discriminate on grounds of age.
(6) A baked potato is very permissible, of course.
(7) If reference to Parliamentary proceedings is permissible, what is the true construction of the statutory provisions? 4.
(8) It was, therefore, permissible for the company to bring an action against the directors to recover the profits.
(9) The number of permissible House terms has been a subject of bitter debate.
(10) It becomes permissible to import toilers with swarthy skins who speak unintelligible languages.
(11) If reference to the Parliamentary proceedings is not permissible, what is the true construction of the statutory provisions? 5.
(12) When it is permissible, according to the rubrics, these parts may be delegated to others.
(13) The use of racial preferences is not permissible under the new law.
(14) It is permissible, even desirable, to edit and rephrase the statement so that it is clear and well structured.
(15) Now, it is permissible to wear all kinds of shades, according to your clothes as well as your personal colouring.
(16) As democracy is, at present, the only permissible political rhetoric[Sentencedict], the ruling class duly speaks its language.
(17) If reference to Hansard is not permissible, what is the true construction?
(18) This clearly is a constitutionally permissible goal for an institution of higher education.
(19) Traces of pesticide in the water were ten times above permissible levels.
(20) In the library it is understood that loud talking is not permissible.
(21) As a result, brand name activity is no longer permissible whereas corporate is, or at least still goes on.
(22) They looked at each other with the knowledge that they had come up against the edge of the permissible.
(23) The use of septic tanks or cesspools may have a significant impact on maximum permissible density of dwellings per hectare.
(24) Codes of conduct were beginning to emerge and a range of permissible and impermissible subjects was being informally drawn up.
(25) In a socialist society, it was asked, were such gross disparities and inequalities permissible?
(26) As long as any advert does not bring the profession into disrepute nor is in bad taste then it is permissible.
(27) Development plans show future road improvements which may affect development, for example where new access on to an existing road is not permissible.
(28) Divorce is no longer so shameful and is popularly seen as a permissible solution to marital difficulties.
(29) Sometimes I make a point of not saying the pledge at all, just to make sure abstention remains permissible.
(30) The city has reneged on the storage building permit, arguing that may not be permissible under updated zoning requirements.
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