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Curvature in a sentence

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Similar words: naturematurefeaturecreaturein natureby natureimmatureprematureMeaning: ['kɜːvətʃə]  n. 1. (medicine) a curving or bending; often abnormal 2. the rate of change (at a point) of the angle between a curve and a tangent to the curve 3. the property possessed by the curving of a line or surface. 
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1 Peak updraft strength is slightly enhanced with hodograph curvature.
2 He suffered from curvature of the spine.
3 In my opinion, the curvature was determined experimentally.
4 This, the Riemann curvature tensor, quantifies space-time curvature.
5 However, there is a curvature singularity at.
6 A back corset may be needed to prevent curvature.
7 Scalar polynomial curvature singularities therefore can not occur.
8 However, A displays more curvature than B at that point, and hence more risk aversion.
9 From the curvature of the arc, I had already begun to estimate the position of the hub.
10 The theory of general relativity predicts an infinite curvature, but whether such a physical singularity can really occur is not known.
11 They felt this would impart a pleasing curvature to an otherwise rectangular building.
12 It has no component of curvature lying in the surface, which makes it the straightest path possible over the surface.
13 This clearly demonstrates the existence of a scalar curvature singularity on this hypersurface.
14 A helix is any line in which the curvature and torsion measured anywhere and everywhere are in a constant proportion.
15 The gravitational forces are the manifestation of space-time curvature due to the presence of matter.
16 Usually this will be a scalar polynomial curvature singularity,( but a large class of significant exceptions occurs.
17 The tendons increase the curvature of the balloon's skin and mean the material can withstand greater pressures.
18 Curvature and torsion are not easy to measure directly but their being proportional has a straight forward measurable consequence.
19 The inhabitant of two dimensional space could also refine the use of his measurement to make a quantitive determination of curvature.
20 She had a difficult labour as, having no details, the curvature of her spine was not detected.
21 But the range of ground surveillance systems, nomatterhow sophisticated, is inevitably restricted by the curvature of the earth's surface.
22 There exists, however, a very large class of exceptional solutions in which curvature singularities do not occur.
23 The absence of transition curves is disguised by the pulsation of positive and negative, convex and concave curvature.
24 Therefore K 1 and K 2 have opposite signs and the Gaussian curvature K is negative.
25 Maintaining a given velocity round a curve requires acceleration towards the centre of curvature.
26 In the alternative case of thick gravitational waves,( they are non-scalar curvature singularities.
27 In fact it provides more because it yields the curvature K of any two-dimensional surface.
28 The most familiar class of singularities are the scalar curvature singularities.
29 They would also give rise to a smaller Schwarzschild mass parameter, and hence greater curvature on the horizon.
30 We shall now briefly bring out the relationship between the Gaussian curvature and the Riemann curvature tensor.
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