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Unchangeable in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-07-31Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: changeablechangeexchangein exchange forbe able toagreeableuncomfortablebunchMeaning: [‚ʌn'tʃeɪndʒəbl]  adj. not changeable or subject to change. 
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1 It is unchangeable and permanent.
2 The course of nature is unchangeable and proceeds according to hard and unalterable laws.
3 Nature is relentless and unchangeable, and it is indifferent as to whether its hidden reasons and actions are understandable to man or not. Galileo Galilei 
4 The doctrine is unchangeable.
5 Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable. Denis Waitley 
6 Such being the case , is this situation unchangeable?
7 I drop into an unchangeable eternity!
8 He believed that nothing is unchangeable asas we try.
9 This is indeed unchangeable truth.
10 Considering quality as own life is our unchangeable thought.
11 I consider this is an unchangeable truth.
12 This is an unchangeable truth.
13 I consider this an unchangeable truth.
14 He believed that nothing is unchangeable as long as we try.
15 Under the condition of assurance of unchangeable controlling function, input point might be saved 50 percent.
16 Individualism is pure and unchangeable element in Libai's paradoxical and intricate idealism. ".
17 With an exclamation of impatience, but with his Unchangeable face, Monseigneur looked out.
18 Time is changeable as the distance, while something unchangeable for ever.
19 The law with exclusive and unchangeable market of baric graceful ? is going forever namely.
20 Communities need absolutes, ideals of truths, transcendent sources of authority which are unchanged and unchangeable.
21 Or is this a counsel of despair which makes the culture of racism seem more entrenched and unchangeable than it really is?
22 The relation between language and its meaning is not rigid , unchangeable.
23 But the fundamental and most vicious, swinish, murderous, and unchangeable fact is that we totally misunderstand each other -- we operate on alien wave lengths.
24 Symptomatic reading method takes history texts as learning materials and a tool of grasping knowledge, not unchangeable "dogmas".
25 His heart , that loved and pitied, is a heart of unchangeable tenderness.
26 But the fundamental and most vicious, swinish, murderous, and unchangeable fact is that we totally misunderstand each other ...
27 The product possesses fine capabilitys such as light nature , excellings in ,( unchangeable shape and endure Wens corrosion preventive etc .
28 Under the pressure of the Powers Beijing Government at last gave up the order that the Customs levy the Surtax, but the dismissal of Aglen was unchangeable.
29 But we know yesterday's laurel is only the urge on today's striving and the ideal in the future is just the permanent and unchangeable pursuit in the heart.
30 Any widely public library can be considered more or less unchangeable.
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